The Unexpected Life of Bella

She was fragile, yet beautiful.

The Unexpected Life of Bella
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Sometimes we're unable to find the justice in the injustice, from the court. To prove what is right and wrong sometimes we might wait forever. That was the case with Bella. Some of you might know Isabella, Some of you may be Isabella! Wife of Joseph Irish Kimberly at Hollywood hills.

I saw Bella twelve years back from my workplace while she joined as a pharmacist. Always active with a glowing face, the smile never fades from her face and had her perceptions on everything with unique decision-making ability. She was precise in her work. She was friendly with everyone in the hospital including the patients.

Everyone knew how lucky she was. Despite, being a member of the Kimberly family. Everyone wondered why she wanted to work when they had an immense amount of inherited wealth and equally wealthy in providing love and care. Even I wondered why did she choose to work in the health department when she can sit and rule her mansion like a queen. Our breaks for food later became the break to know her, day by day as she opened her aromatic Tupperware she also opened her life to me. Which stuck in my mind like algae.

We can go back to the life of Bella before being Joseph's wife. She was the smartest and youngest of the four sisters of Gellen family. She was smart enough that everyone loved her and she was someone who dreamt of white coat and a stethoscope around her neck. Her dreams grew along with her. She was excellent in her studies and secured scholarships every time. But her merits disappointed for the first time and she lost her entry to medical department college. When her father could not meet expenses to sent her to private institutions for a medical course she compromised to join for yet another medical-related department, to be a pharmacist.

When Joseph proposed Bella, all her family was in cloud nine. Because it was the best family they could ever dream of in the town. Mr. Joseph on the other hand was the dream man of everyone around the town. Every father urge to get Joseph married to their daughter, well educated, attractive, dedicated etc words cannot explain about his public image. They married in a famous chapel where every other got jealous of seeing a grand function.

Bella was much comfortable at Kimberly house and coped up with the family very fast keeping up with her little responsibilities and duties and soon she turned into everyone's favourite in the blink of an eye.

With all the happiness she had, destiny always reminded of his presence in her life with silly tests. Her destiny had some other plans for her. She came to know this for the first time when they had a party at Josephs uncle's place. The after-party hangover made her realize the importance of liquor in Joseph's life. Liquor was something that she couldn't stand and here she is with an alcoholic husband. Soon many of their nights turned into furious fights related to alcohol or him being abusive after being alcoholic. Soon her dream life turned into a disastrous one. He kept the liquor before her when she threatened to leave him. She had no option other than to keep quiet because she didn't want her parents to know about her pathetic situations and physically abusive husband. That will make the aged parents more tensed and worried, She Believed. Also, She believed that if she kept quiet its only her who's going to suffer why everyone else who loved her suffers. From there on there was no night where she doesn't shed tears. All she did was patiently wait until her husband turns into a good man she ever dreamt of. Joseph took and changed his decision in spot, changes everything he has said before which made her uncomfortable. She was just a living robot for him who works according to his will. She should not cry or weep in front of him. She should not express herself. He loved to hurt her. He did everything possible to make her cry.

Gradually, her happiness faded away to some shadows and soon it was noticed by Joseph's siblings. And they carried the problem into the elder members of the Kimberly family. But when there was a talk to Joseph he explained his part with a beautiful lie-filled fake story that hurt her the more. More than the physical abuse his lies to convince the family members hurt her. But thank god his siblings supported her to some extent as they understood well and know well about his behaviour. After all the hardships and hatred from him, that is what she got from him as well. She started to give up her life slowly. She lost all the hopes. The only thing that led her to live in the house was from the support she got from other family members.

Through the dark days, there came light to her life after two years. A third member, a tiny baby, her son. Soon she realized Joseph was unable to provide financial needs for the baby. She could live empty stomach for days but she couldn't let her son suffer the same. As a result, she started her carrier with me.

She became strong and confident gradually. She said there will be hardship behind every success. She studied harder at night and worked in the day. Appeared for some exams and got placed at a famous hospital in Texas after two years of struggle. Everything was a result of her hard work. Leaving her son at her home and shifting into a new place with new people, new weather was hard for a person like her. But she coped with that as well, as she does always. Joseph accompanied her after two months and he found a job as well. She thought this might be a turning point in her life. But only the place and situation changed, Joseph and problems stayed.

He lived with revenge towards her for no reason, he does everything that she doesn't like. He did everything for everyone else, he was godfather to many people but he blinked his eye towards his wife and son. His own family. There were people who drank her tears and his sweat. Ignoring was the only thing she could do at that time.

She achieved so much in a small period, a beautiful house, a car and also supported her husband. I can say that her husband utilized her. Everyone including me was so proud of her.

But her life inside her home was the same, shattered food in the ground, his nasty words, his blames etc, all these ignorance was a usual drama for her. She waited patiently for the day he changes. But what hurt her the most was once he said;

"You will be cursed with a sick son and you will be left with nothing. No wealth, no me, no one."

Later, he slowly rubbed her name from his wedding ring, and later he left his ring forever because he found a fancy word "mutual divorce". She was left in shock for days because all these years she stayed with him with a hope that he would change and they will get a happy life. Now she is hearing the separation words from him. He gradually separated his family from her as a result. Soon she realized he has cooked up a strong story to portray her very bad so that no one will bad mouth about him. She lost even her family as a result of his made-up story because in his stories she was stubborn, selfless person and cheating on him.

He turned into a furious animal day by day with physical and verbal abuses to claiming her to have affairs and extramarital relationships. All these was more than she could bear. Every time she thought of leaving him was held by her son. "He will live without a father". That thought held her into Joseph until her thirteen-year-old son told her;

"He doesn't even deserve your tears, why are you still sticking on to him"

But she couldn't leave him for some reasons that even she can't understand. She left every burden from her heart into papers and send them to me. Every time I opened her letters I always had a heavy heart. All she wanted was to live a happy life with peace, a small life with three of them and she did not have it.

Hopeless, helpless walking dead robot.

This is how she explained herself to me. When I saw her the last time.

Later, I did not receive any letter from her for a long period may be for more than six months. And suddenly I got a call from her but I ignored because I was involved in my kid's examination periods. And kept it for later which turned into never. Soon after three or four weeks, I got the news,

"Bella has died, and it was a suicide!" I was left in shock for a moment.

I couldn't believe my ears. I called everyone to know what has happened. And I got the answer, a small fever resulted in finding out her son suffering from Leukaemia and he had only a few days left. He was the only hope for her and she lived only for her son. She couldn't take the news of her son being sick. So she decided to end her life before her son does because she thought she couldn't see him leaving her. Her last moments in the world was briefed into drug overdose. I came to know this from the last letter I received from her after a few weeks from her demise. I couldn't complete the letter because I regret the very moment I ignored her call, sometimes I could have helped her in living or made any changes to her. If I have picked up her call, I might have her now. I don't know. All these regretting thoughts haunt me still now.

On the other hand, Joseph has started a new life. Being a widower with lost a son gained a lot of sympathies and got a new life easily.

It's been two years since her demise. But the missed call from her, that I ignored is my nightmare. What if it was to get a hope to hold on? What if it might have saved her. All I hope now is may she's branded with heaven and join her with her son for a happy life in heaven.

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Fathima Rinsha Sherin
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