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The scouting Owl

by Waldo Yamada about a year ago in immediate family
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Our scouting bird and guiding bird.

The owl

The owl is our guiding bird just like the falcon. This story is about my grandfather who lived in Palau. Our clan was formed from our warring ways because we were the best in fighting land warfare rather than sea warfare. It was because my grandfather's side of the family were tall people. My assumption is that they were either from Java, Philippines, Polynesians from Guam or washed up Spaniards. My height is five feet six inches and my Grandfather's brother, whose name is Ngiraitib was as tall as a basketball player.

Anyways, my Grandfather was the only person who can talk to owls. He was the only person who can hear an owl and call it to talk to it. Any owl who would come by the house in Palau, he would call it with it's names. Lalmmorrengs. Meaning to plant the hearing. So he would talk to the owl in the Palauan language and send it off to spread his word to 'those who knows the way of owl talk'.

During the days when Captain Wilson washed ashore, however. His family was still warring through the island of Palau from the north side and making their way toward the south side of the island. And Lalmorrenges, the owl that went to scout for the warring tribe before claiming another territory of the island would go and return with information.

They have reached the end of Babelthaob (High Seas) which is the name of the big island in Palau and they had sent and owl to scout. The owl returned and the tribe made canoes that were made fast and bamboo raft to cross to Koror (Reoulthaob) Low seas. As they head their way after shoring. The owl returned and said that this area is claimed and it cannot be safe to own. For some reason, my Grandfather's clan did not know. So they turned around and got back on their canoes and bamboo raft and claimed more lands in Babelthaob (the High Seas) until they have finally reached a point of the island where they settled and claimed. Through out the years my Grandfather's tribe had been warring and fighting like mercenaries for the small property of Ked(open plain) of Babelthaob(high seas). They had made their huts that would watch the only foot road that if anyone would cross, they would have to be questioned by my Grandfather's clan to go through the village to Ked.

My Grandfather never talked much about his family(clan), but his brother. Saburo, would tell use a bunch of stories that we can relate our family lines. Which were close to being Spartans at one time, or the Immortals in the 300 movie. And a bunch of speculation of black magic and wizardry.

In the end during the 1990's my cousin would tell me that Grandpa still talks to the owl. And the owl was like his messenger to give him information. Just like a daily newspaper. The continuation of communication to the owl has withered since my Grandfather passed away and most of my family (clan) has turned into Christianity.

Then my cousin told me that one day he heard an owl and called it by its name. Lalmorrenges. And he told me that he can talk to the owl now.

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Waldo Yamada

I was born and raised in Guam. I was one of those kids who can speak English and Palauan. I joined the US military at 18 and finally found a plot here in Yuma, Arizona. I am now a student at Arizona Western College.

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