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The little black book

by TinaMarie Trent 5 months ago in parents

No child left behind

TaMina Sam, known to go by Mina, was a very lost child growing up on the streets of a small country town named Lake Charles in Louisiana. She was abandoned by her mother, Mariah Sam at the age of 15.So she taught herself many trades to overcome the struggle at least a little bit. Not knowing at the time that was better for her to face any fear she will ever have in life. One thing Mina knew she was meant for much more than this horrible lonely life her mother left her to.She would often take long walks on the beach thinking to herself this can not be it for her. This beautiful evening she went for her walk on the beach as usual (this was the best way she unwinds after a long day), but all today things have just seemed different. Things have been seeming out of place all day long she thought to herself. She was doing a lot more praying and talking to the most high today.She never realized how late it was getting when she looked down at her watch and noticed something black and shiny poking out of the sand. She picked it up and examined it. Strangely a little black book, something like a very old journal that looked to be more than 100 years old she thought to herself. The little black book was very mysterious with a stunning diamond lock that drew her in as if it was meant just for her.See Mina was a Jane of all trades which meant she could learn any skill with ease. Which she used to build her many brilliant shelves, cabinets and China case displays. She put the old beautiful mouldy little black book under the bright light on the top shelf in the China case along with her most precious possessions, things that reminded her of how far she has come from the day her mother left her. Mina never had any family not ever knowing who she really was or where she came from, she knew only her mother. Something deep down inside heart she knew somehow things were about to change. She decided to take a picture of the book in the beautiful glass case and shared it on all her social media platforms. Mina didn't expect but a few feedback, replies and likes on the mysterious old book. Not knowing that this one act would change her life forever. Then her pocket dinged, it was a private message. She didn't recognize the photo or name so she was sceptical about opening it but something in her gut told her what the hell and she opened it. A wealthy man named Victor Matthews asked her where she found that little black book and how she came about it in her possession. He exited their chat to go to Mina’s page to check her out and find out who this woman was that found his long lost family journal that had been passed down for over 100 years from father to the first born. She resembled himself but she also reminded him of the woman that he once paid to sleep with him (before falling in love with her ending with her breaking his heart). Could it be he thought to himself, could this Mina be the child Mariah told him about all those years ago (that he thought for so many years she lied about only to cone money for him) before she vanished all them years ago.he fully believed that TaMina is for a fact his the child he thought about everyday for the past 25 years wasn’t a lie after all. The time has come he thought to himself to present everything to Mina and hopes that she would consider coming to meet him. Then a voice from her heart spoke (knowing now that voice was the most high reassuring her that this is her destiny). This was the most high way of letting Mina know that everything that she has been through all the hard times she endured, for she never lost her faith in the most high. She facetimes Victor as she arrives at the international airport informing him that she has arrived and the flight leaves in 45 mins. Letting him know that she will be on airline Delta flight number 322, reminding him the flight will take a little over 17 ½ hours to arrive at Rome international. Mina didn’t know that her father was a very rich man and upon the days of her arrival he contacted his lawyers to change his will for when the day comes of his pasting instead of giving everything to churches and charities he will leave 1 million for them everything else belongs to his only child. Victor did not tell Mina about his wealth; he wanted to know that she wanted to come to him on her own with nothing to influence her actions. He wanted to make sure that she loved him for him and not his wealth. He never cared for the wealth he would have traded it all to have been in daughters life to have provided her with the life she deserved. 16 ½ hours into the flight Mina texted her father letting him know that the flight will be arriving ahead of time and that they will be landing in about 20 minutes. Victor knew that already because he had arranged for part of the airport to be closed down for her arrival.There was an extra long limo stretched across the parking lot that they walk to, getting in Mina says in the most humbling way says dad you didn't have to do all this. He replies, what you talking about, I'm just so happy, but I’m more proud of the woman you have become despite all the hardships life has thrown at you. Pulling up a giant golden gate with huge diamond letters, VM in the center, Victor says,”here we are”. Mina said we’re home not looking up at first (her face buried in her fathers shoulders). When she looks up, what she sees takes her breath away, Dad this is your home? No darlen this is our home “Welcome Home sweetheart” Mina had never seen anything so beautiful in her life. After Victor gives her a tour of the estate, the whole 96 acres they get back to the main house to eat dinner. After dinner Victor asked Mina could he see the little black book. She went to her room and it was sitting beautifully displayed in a glass cabinet. she goes to hand her father the book, he hands her a beautiful key instead of grabbing it. Here he says, open it to the last passage. Mina carefully opened the little black book to the last passage and read out loud. January 22, 1996, I have decided that there is nothing left in Lake Charles for me. I have been offered an once in a lifetime opportunity in Rome, Italy that I’m going to take. I have searched for Mariah Sam everyday since she told me she was pregnant, getting money for the doctor visit, the same night I told her she would never have to worry about anything ever again. The same night I asked her to marry me so that our child could have the best life possible. I can’t help but to assume she was lying about it all to extort me for money to run off with her next John. How could I have been so foolish to think she ever wanted anything other than the life she had. I pray that is the case, and she did not run off with my child. Most High, if she does have my child please watch over him/her, protect him/her but the most high must of all I beg of you to somehow please return him/her to me someday. No matter how long it takes, how old I’m, I want my child safe in my arms. Mina drops the book and runs to her fathers arms crying out, telling him because your prayer kept me strong on the right path so that he would keep his promise and reunite us when it was time. All this time I had someone that asked me and loved me before I was even born into this dreadful world. What you have given me is more than any amount of wealth is worth, a family is the only thing I ever dreamed for was someone who loved me, put me before themselves. This whole time without even knowing if I really existed I had everything I dreamt for. I would never have imagined my life would be so dramatically changed, all my dream being fulfilled by finding a moldy old leather LITTLE BLACK BOOK


TinaMarie Trent

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TinaMarie Trent
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