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The Contrast

by Jackmama 3 months ago in adoption
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Today was another day for the whole population to do nucleic acid. The community workers went to the nucleic acid sampling site early to check again all the preparations that had been done yesterday, just in case there were any inadequate preparations or omissions, and repeatedly checked to make sure that everything was in order. The time for the nucleic acid test had not yet arrived, and the medical staff for the test had not yet arrived, but there was already a long line of people waiting for the nucleic acid test. People knew the requirements and rules because they had been tested many times before, and they waited in an orderly line according to the designated route and points. They kept their distance, wore masks, did not gather, did not make noise, and consciously maintained the order of waiting in line. At the same time the staff is still working dutifully according to their respective division of labor and their respective zones. The order maintenance staff always reminded everyone to keep their distance and wait in line in an orderly manner. The temperature measuring staff took the temperature of each person who was ready to enter the waiting area and disinfected them in order. The staff in the waiting area also reminded everyone to open the electronic health code in advance and do the registration work. For those who could not find the health code or could not open the health code, the staff provided guidance and help in advance. The registration staff, fully armed with cell phone scanning code or ID card method one by one to check the registration, enter the relevant information. Immediately after there are staff again for information verification, after the computer for comparison is correct. To be checked into the sampling area, by professional medical staff to sample. Professional technology, specialized equipment, professional process. After sampling, follow the exit channel, get the "sampled" label, go out and leave. From the queue, to the door detection, from registration and verification, to sampling, and finally leave, one after another, each link is carried out in an orderly manner, like a production line, one link to another, which link problems will "affect the whole body", each post of the staff to perform their duties, waiting in line for personnel also in an orderly manner Follow up, we cooperate tacitly, all progress smoothly.

  Compared with this strict production line, if there are people who do not "play by the rules", it will be a great contrast. Others are in the orderly queue to follow up, but someone wants to jump the queue, even if only one person is the whole "assembly line" on the "defective", both and the whole scene seems out of place, but also seriously affect the mood of others. Others are early to queue for sampling, but some people just want to "late", to personal matters as the reason, so that the assembly line "disconnected", or even "stop production". Some people need to be repeatedly urged by the staff to come. Let all the staff time and effort to wait for him, as if he is some big shot, to wait until the end to appear alone. Sampling is over, others are required to receive the "sampled" label, but some people prefer not to receive, the staff to give him do not want, and said "no, it is useless to want", is different from others, with this "different The staff did not want to give it to him and said, "No, it's useless to ask for it.

  There were several children in the long queue for the nucleic acid test, one of them was about four or five years old, and the little boy came with his mother to do the nucleic acid. He was in front of his mother like an adult, with adults in front and behind him, and a child in the middle, but he knew the rules of the line very well. He is like a line with regular changes, just the bottom of the line landing point, just the axis of the line before and after the symmetrical point position. The position of the little boy and the little boy looked extraordinarily bright, like the most beautiful eye of a landscape painting. When the little boy finished sampling and came out of the sampling area, wearing a small mask and holding a "sampled" label, he looked extraordinarily handsome and dashing, like a general returning from a triumphant journey, making people envious and proud! A middle-aged man went home to help his mother, who was 70 or 80 years old, to do the nucleic acid test after queuing up for it himself. When the old mother finished her nucleic acid, he squatted down and carried her out of the sampling area exit. The import side of the long line is nearing the end, the exit side of the middle-aged man carrying his mother's back to leave but was stretched long and long, and compared to everything before, this is the most beautiful line of scenery.


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