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The concept of psychological adjustment and its dimensions

To establish the individual and the family

By Mahmoud ShamsediinPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The difference between conformity and adaptation:

There is a confusion of concepts between the concept of compatibility and the concept of adaptation. Harmony is a concept specific to man in his quest to organize his life, resolve his conflicts, and confront his life’s problems, from rumors and frustrations, to what is called psychological health, soundness, or harmony.

Adaptation includes the adaptation of humans, animals, and plants to the physical environment in which they live.

Psychological adjustment and its dimensions

Psychologists and psychiatrists seek to achieve the psychological health of the individual to make him live according to his nature, in love and peace with people, and in psychological and social harmony and compatibility, with physical health and freedom from psychological and physical disorders, which leads to success in life.

Psychologists have agreed since ancient times that achieving balance between the individual and his environment means compatibility with this individual.

Operational definition of psychological adjustment:

It is a functional process aimed at achieving a balance between the internal and external aspects of an individual’s behavior, which helps him resolve conflicts between the various forces within him, as well as between the individual’s internal forces and external environmental forces, to achieve a reduction in tension. Rather, it goes beyond that to the positive aspects of self-realization and satisfaction, and achieving self-confidence and emotional balance. An individual with positivity and flexibility in dealing with the society around him.

Dimensions of psychological adjustment:

1- Personal and emotional compatibility

It is the individual's ability to accept and be satisfied with himself, and his ability to achieve his needs by exerting effort and continuous work, in addition to his feeling of strength and courage, his sense of self-worth and that he is a valuable person in life, free of nervous disorders and enjoying emotional balance and psychological calm.

2- Health (physical) compatibility

It is the individual’s enjoyment of good health, free of physical, mental and emotional diseases, his acceptance of and satisfaction with his external appearance, his freedom from various organic problems, his feeling of psychological comfort regarding his abilities and potentials, his enjoyment of healthy senses, his tendency to be active and lively most of the time, his ability to move and balance, in addition to safety. In focusing while continuing to be active and working without stress or weakening of his enthusiasm and activity.

3- Family compatibility

It is the individual’s enjoyment of a happy life within a family that appreciates, loves, and cares for him, with his feeling of his role within the family and its respect for him, and his enjoyment of an effective role within this family, and that the style of understanding is the prevailing style in his family, and what his family provides in terms of satisfying his needs and solving his own problems, and helping him achieve The greatest amount of self-confidence and understanding of himself, and to think well of him, accept him, and help him establish a relationship of friendship, respect, and love.

4- Social harmony

It is the individual's ability to participate effectively in social society, his sense of social responsibility, his compliance with the values of the society in which he lives, his feeling of his value and his effective role in the development of his society, his ability to achieve belonging and loyalty to the group around him, to engage in constructive social competitions with others, and the ability to establish good, positive relationships with individuals. Society is keen on the rights of others in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect with them and a feeling of happiness and gratitude for belonging to the group and for occupying a distinguished position through the cooperative social work it performs.

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