The Butterfly/The Dove that emerged

Unwanted from birth

The Butterfly/The Dove that emerged
This is the preface to the book that I am in the process of writing about how I overcame growing with the challenges I had.

This is a story of a little girl who was unwanted from the time her mother found out she was pregnant. It was first thought this precious little girl was a tumor in her mother’s stomach, her mother rushed to the hospital to have an X-ray done to determine just what was going on inside her body. After the X-Ray Dorothy anxiously awaited the results of her test, as the doctor came into the room, grinning with relief, believing that he had great news.

He looked at Dorothy taking her hand pats it gently and says relax dear it isn’t a tumor, you are just pregnant. Expecting Dorothy to be happy he was more than a little taken aback, floored actually, when she burst into tears sobbing saying no, this can't be so. The x-ray has got to be wrong I don’t want to be pregnant please no, oh God what have you done to me When the doctor thinks Dorothy couldn’t possibly surprise him with anything else, she looks him dead in the eye. Tears streaming down her cheeks. please she begged him, please can you pretend like it is a tumor and just cut it out anyway? The doctor couldn’t speak for a full two minutes, he was picking his jaw up off the ground from her remark.

As he gathered his composure he patted her arm, telling her as politely as he could that it would be ok really it would. She was just overwhelmed with relief from not having a tumor and finding out she was pregnant all in the same day. He advised her that she should go home, get some rest she would feel better about everything tomorrow. Dorothy looked him square in the eye, laughed this hellish laugh, got up, telling him she would rather be dead than carry this baby to term. Gathering up her things she left his office muttering to herself that her life was surely over now. Dorothy spent the next three months depressed, she denied that she was pregnant to anyone that asked. It was not until she heard that her daughter, Dorothy had found out she was expecting her first child. For some unknown reason this changed everything for Dorothy. This perked her right up, she had someone to be pregnant with.

They went and had their hair done together told everyone they were pregnant together it was the talk of the small community. This made Dorothy feel important it was great to be pregnant for a while, she was happy to have a baby growing inside of her. The hardest part of all this was that this couple had almost raised their family, the youngest was thirteen and then boom along comes this baby boy who was now six months old. Then they turn around it seems and there is going to be another baby, which will make seven children. So, at the time in their lives when they are supposed to be getting rid of all the children and getting to know each other again, going into the “golden years” along comes two babies fifteen months apart. The kicker they are being born to a mother who literally “HATES” Children.

This woman should have never been a mother, children should have never been allowed to have been even around her for any reason. All she ever did was hurt children, Dorothy only pretended to even remotely like any child, well any one for that matter, if you can’t love or like yourself you can’t like or love anyone else.

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