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The Best Chaotic Day

by Rebecca Moore 2 months ago in married
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My Untraditional Wedding Story

I had just turned 18 when I met my husband, and we were wed right before I turned 20. Both of us were very young. He was 20 when we got married and later that year, he turned 21. Despite our ages, we thought we were ready to get married. And at the time it seemed right. I ended up getting pregnant and he wanted to do things right and get married before she was born. I did not really want that, if I'm being honest. I had always thought of having a big wedding, the white dress, and all of our friends and family. I really did not want to get married at 38 weeks pregnant (which did happen).

Because we had waited so long to finally get married, my husband and me were just going to go to the courthouse. After getting the paperwork and the marriage certificate, we started looking and asking around for someone who could legally marry us. After we had found someone, I had called my mom while he called his. Both of them were a little upset that we had not told them what we were planning on doing. My family was down at the beach and would not have been back in time to see us be married, and his mom would not be able to get off of work in time. This made us change our plans and wait a few days for my family to get back and this would allow his mom to be able to leave work early on the day we picked. My mom and me had a cake lined up, invited a few of our family members, and talked to one of my dad's friend to marry us, all while she was coming home from the beach. All that happened between Friday and Saturday. By Monday the day had arrived and we had to get everything ready for our front porch wedding.

That day was chaotic. My feet would not fit in the shoes I had planned to wear since they were swelling so bad. The dress I had first chosen to wear, a light pink one, did not fit because it seemed like my belly had grown 2 sizes over the past week. So, I had to find another dress that I had that would fit me. We had to go get the cake from the awesome lady that made it on such a short notice. We decided to have fruit and sandwiches, so those things had to be fixed. By the time everything was done, I had to get myself ready along with getting my first-born ready. We left our house after getting ready to go over to my parents. We had chosen to get married on their porch, which faced the highway and cow pastures, and were able to be seen from anyone passing through. My sister was my Maid of Honor, and my husband's Best Man was his dad. Which we had told them that day that they were going to be standing with us.

After the ceremony, everyone went inside to watch us cut the cake (after I had released my swollen feet from the heels my mother convinced me to wear) and eat the sandwiches and other stuff we had set out. We spent more time talking and taking pictures with everyone than out ceremony lasted. We had a quick ceremony, but it was perfect. We were surrounded by all our family when we said our "I dos" and I would not have done it any differently. I look huge and pregnant in all the pictures we had taken with everyone, but my husband and me are both radiating from having our nontraditional wedding on my parents' porch. It was a perfect day that started the rest of our lives together.


About the author

Rebecca Moore

Hey! I am a mom to two little girls. I am a wife. I am trying to get my teachers degree. I created this to share some stories and hope that others can relate to what I am going through!

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