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The Beauty of Life

Modern Satire

By Matthew PrimousPublished 27 days ago 3 min read

There was changed everywhere. Change in the atmosphere. Change with the environment. People were feeling change and they did not know what type of future would come to them. People were worried. People were fretting and anxious. And it can be felt throughout the whole region. We knew something was brewing and it was not good. As Queene and Benji grew their family, they had two children, two sons. One was much older and was one was much younger. Tarack and Maco were not alike. Some people did not believe they were full blooded brothers. One was day and one was night. And they did not get along either. They were total opposite. Sometimes Tarack was gentle and Maco was angry. And Maco was gentle and Tarack was angry. And their appearance was somewhat alike and somewhat different. Everytime they get into an argument, Tarack would remind Maco who watched him when his parents were not around and who saved him plenty of times from trouble. Maco would brush off the same rebuttal. And Tarack kept saying there will be times you need me and I won't be there to save you and neither would Mom or Dad. And Maco would shrug off the lesson. And it happened as Maco was attending to the sheep and cattle that a lion came out of nowhere to attack and Maco was struggling but he managed to hit the foot of the lion and the lion ranaway crying. He told the story to everyone, his mother and father and his brother and his friends and his family. And they did not believe him until they saw the broken staff with lion's teeth marks. And Tarack was jealous that he could not celebrate with his family. And Maco tried to talk him down and say that family is family. I still need you but not as much. And you will always be my older brother. Mom and Dad still need you to be the strong one. I just got lucky. And Tarack would listen but play with the fire he had made to stay warm. And one of the times, a cheetah came out of the darkness to attack a cattle. And Tarack fought it and the cheetah got at his leg but he stab the cheetah in the head and punched it. and the cheetah ranaway. Tarack came limping home. And he endured the pain and walk through the door. And Benji caught him before he fell. And Tarack was trying to explain how a hero he was. And his father and mother were worried about his health. Maco praised Tarack and called him a hero. And they called the doctor to check on his health. The doctor was a beautiful woman, she had just finished her education. And she was on her first assignment with Tarack. Maco was in loved and flirting with the doctor but Tarack was acting tough and annoyed. The doctor recommended that he stay in and heal and get plenty of rest. Tarack resisted but his parents listened and forced him to. Tarack learned to like being off his feet but he was so bored. And Maco begin talking to him, you know that doctor is beautiful. I love her. Tarack said you would love anything but my love is for the land. My love is for the adventure. My love is for the outdoors. I can't be kept. I can't be silenced. I can't be housed. And just when Maco was about to finish the doctor came in. She overheard Tarack demand and she said you have been doing good for months maybe you should see the outdoors. And Tarack lited up and immediately tried to leave. He was so happy he kissed Mom and the doctor on the cheek. Maco asked out the doctor and the doctor after Maco convinced her begin to order dates. Tarack rode on horses. Tarack played with the cattle. Tarack picked up the sheep. Eventually he ran throughout the country went on long walks breathe in and breathe out the nature stood up late and rose early. Maco eventually got married while Tarack politely waited till his love for nature came to a hold.


About the Creator

Matthew Primous

I am a Black Scholar, International Scholar, & Google Scholar, & 3-Time Eber & Wein Best Poet., Nominee for Poet of the Year, 2020 Black Author Matters Winner, 2 time Akademia Excellence Essayists,& 2022 Honorary Muckrack Journalist.

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