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The baby has a fever, the mother should be happy

The child's physique has increased some more

By Fra TushaPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

Baby fever, mothers should not be too nervous, this is a precursor to the strengthening of the body

What kind of baby is in good health? Is never sick baby, or occasionally sick all rely on self-healing baby?

Of course, the latter, never sick baby, once sick is a big disease, parents can "run legs, worry about".

Normally, small babies will have the experience of fever, small babies are very easy to fever group.

Adults do not often have a fever, and when they do, they feel their bodies are falling apart, but not little ones, for whom fever is a "common occurrence".

For baby fever, parents should not be too nervous, a fever means that the baby's physique strengthens once.


Only if you keep getting sick, your child's body will become stronger and stronger, your child's body resistance will become stronger and stronger, and your child's immune system will become better and better.

When does a baby usually welcome the first fever?

Usually, a baby's first illness occurs after 6 months of age.

During the first 6 months of life, the immunoglobulins carried by the mother protect the baby from viruses and bacteria, and the baby is not susceptible to illness during this period.

After 6 months, the immunoglobulin disappears and the baby is very weak because its immune system has not yet been established, making it very susceptible to illness.

Babies' first fever usually occurs in the seventh or eighth month, and parents should take care of them.

There are a few babies whose first fever occurs after 5 months of age, and these babies usually have a common feature: they were born by cesarean section.

Babies born by cesarean section are more likely to get sick as infants and toddlers than those born by normal delivery, which mothers should understand.

What should parents do when their baby has a fever for the first time?

When a second baby has a fever, parents tend to be calm, but if it is a new mother, the first time with a baby, the baby will become very nervous after getting sick.

For new mothers, if they welcome a baby's first fever, the recommendation is to take the baby to the hospital for a checkup.

When you take your baby to the hospital to check the cause of the fever, usually the doctor will want to perform a blood test to check the cause of the baby's fever and then target the treatment after finding the cause.

For safety and peace of mind, when your baby has a fever for the first time, it's still a good idea to take your baby to the hospital for a checkup.

A few tips on baby fever for new mothers

Take your baby's temperature at all times

Always take your baby's temperature after he or she has a fever to make sure it is below 38.5°.

If the baby's temperature is below 38.5°, the mother doesn't need to be too nervous and can use physical cooling methods.

However, if the baby's temperature is found to be over 38.5°, it is time to give the baby cooling medication.

Pay attention to how long your baby's fever lasts

Another key point is to pay attention to the duration of your baby's fever.

When we have used the physical method of fever reduction, the mother can rest assured that the baby's temperature has subsided.

If the temperature does not go down, or if the fever reappears after a short period, parents should pay attention to this, which means that the baby's body is inflammatory, and physical fever reduction and fever-reducing drugs are not the cure.

This time, we must take the baby to the hospital to check the cause, and then target treatment, only the inflammation disappeared, and the baby can do a real fever.

Physical cooling to understand

The last thing I want to say to new mothers is the physical method of reducing fever.

Remember, the prerequisite for using physical fever reduction is that the baby's body temperature is below 38.5°. If it exceeds this temperature, you cannot use physical fever reduction methods on your own.

The most commonly used physical fever reduction method is "soaking in a warm bath", I often use this method for babies, and it works very well.

Soaking in a warm bath is good for the baby's body heat, especially in the bathing process, the baby is easy to sweat, sweat, the body's temperature will be more easily distributed, and the body temperature will be reduced.

Let the baby drink more hot water, which can also be effective in cooling down. Drinking hot water is conducive to sweating, and the same can be done to dissipate body heat.

Another method is to apply hot towels. Some mothers like to use children's fever patches, I like to use this too much, always feel too cold after the patch.

However, children's fever patches are suitable for use when the baby has a high fever, and can still be useful when you take your baby on the way to the doctor.

The baby will become more energetic after recovering from each fever, and mothers should not feel nervous when they hear that their babies have a fever, as a fever means that the baby's fitness is increasing.


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