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The Autumn Rain

by Jackmama 2 months ago in adoption
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Today's morning shift, the weather turned against yesterday's clear skies into dense clouds, forcing the sun hard into the clouds. After going through the onboarding procedures, the normal start of the post duty. The main thing is the registration of special people in and out, the measurement of body temperature, and the release of special vehicles and the timely handling of all unexpected situations.

  The sky was gray and cloudy, covered by overcast clouds, and a light breeze could be felt from the gentle swaying of the leaves. The shift was just outside under the sun umbrella, and there was a cool breeze blowing in my ears. I felt that the humidity of the air was increasing and the wind was getting cooler, which was a sign that it was going to rain. The force of the wind is getting stronger and stronger, the tree branches also began to swing, suddenly a half-yellow, half-green leaves floating down, floating down on the concrete in front of you, the wind blowing on the ground a few turns, and finally fell to the edge of the road stones did not move. The sky seems to be getting lower and lower, more and more gloomy, talking about the rain has fallen point to point, really began to rain. At first it was drizzling, only a few drops, dropping on the concrete, disappearing instantly, dropping on the sun umbrella to make a dripping sound. Slowly, more raindrops appeared on the concrete floor, the picture of wet raindrops, the sound on the parasol was louder, and the trees were rustling. Gradually the ground was all wet, and the edges around the top of the parasol were already hanging with raindrops dripping down.

  When you go out in the morning, you put on a sweater, but now you feel a little cold, it's really "an autumn rain a cool", yo, unconsciously wrap your clothes tightly and zipper up your sweater to your neck. The entrance to the neighborhood was not much in and out of the people and cars, plus the rain, it is even less. Sitting at the duty point of the post, enjoying this autumn drizzle, admiring the rain scene. The rain never fell too much, but also did not stop the meaning, so dripping and ticking down, from the beginning until the drops fell for an hour or two did not form like a cow hair, like a flower needle kind of scene, the rain is always a continuous dripping, before the raindrops did not fall to the ground is not visible rain, only from the ground humidity and the sound of the sun umbrella to judge the rain is still continuing to fall.

  Scattered under a morning, wait until the turn of the shift, the rain finally stopped, the wind is not blowing, but the weather did not turn clear, the cloudy clouds are still that covered in the sky, looks very uniform, finally defeated the sun and blue sky victory, proud to say what does not want to leave. That gray, gloomy shrouded the earth, even those trees in the community also seems to be tied up like hands and feet, standing there listlessly very helpless, motionless, completely without the style of the past.

  The road home is all wet, occasionally you can see some low depressions also accumulated rainwater, a bay a puddle, the high places are washed clean by the rain. There are several small vegetable plots along the roadside, after a morning of fine rain dripping down, the colors are more vivid, tomatoes are more bright red, celery leaves green dripping down, bean seedlings although a little yellow, washed by the rain seems to be a lot softer, sunflowers are like a young man who has just eaten, waist straight, like standing guard for the whole vegetable patch, and like waiting specifically to send me home.

  After lunch, the afternoon to sign in to work, the rain on the ground has all dried up, the sky has changed a little, the clouds are not as uniform as before, some places the clouds become thinner, lighter, from the black and gray into the gray, some places appear a light blue, that is some clouds can not hold on, deserted, the blue sky drilled a hole. Originally a big, big net, but the middle is broken a few holes, then the net will be more and more broken, it will lose its proper value of existence. A unit, a collective is actually the same, as long as the signs of disharmony, the emergence of factors of disunity, it will lead to big problems, leading to big losses.

  If the clouds do not disperse, the sun and blue sky will not be able to show up, so they will continue to confront each other, and whoever persists to the end will be the winner, and eventually the sun and blue sky will win over the clouds and rain. Although the clouds are going to open up and the rain is coming a bit slowly, it is coming after all. People are looking forward to the beauty of the rain, and do not hate this autumn rain, after all, this autumn rain, in addition to increasing the chill of autumn, or bring the romance and sentiment of fine rain.


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