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The Absence Of Love In The World

by Nerissha Hunt about a year ago in humanity
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by: Nerissha Hunt

Back in moma’s day, there was so much love. Everybody could eat at each other’s house. Everybody knew each other’s family. If a fight broke out, you would fight and make up in a few minutes time. Children respected their parents, they knew not to be in grown folk’s conversation and the “look”, meaning if moma gave u a certain look, you knew to get somewhere and sit down, meant something.

But now, we’ll talk about my age group. Love existed. We fist fought. We had the “if you fight one, you had to fight all” concept. That meant if we are all playing outside, talking about me and a few family members and you hit one of us, you had to fight us all. We were children who respected our parents growing up. We had a little bit of mouth on us, but we knew what was gonna happen later on after company left. Moma and daddy didn’t let nothing slip. But now, we are grown. We live our own lives, good or bad, but we know that no matter how far we push moma or daddy, at the end of the day, the love is still there. We have sense, even though our parents think we don’t.

Technology has taken over for the new generation. The cell phones and tablets are the parents. These children are brave. Standing up and cussing your parents out. Telling your parents, “You knock on the door before you enter my room”. Boy, I tell you, like I said, these children sure are brave. They don’t say under their breaths; they say it out loud. They don’t think about anything they do; they do it and go on.

All the blame is placed on the parents, but I have a problem with that, and I’ll tell you why. Just because a parent does certain things in front of the child doesn’t not mean that the child grows up to do the same thing. Life is all about decisions. It kills me when I see people do something and say “well, moma did it so that’s why I did it”, “daddy did it, so that’s why I did it.” This is a tactic that some people use as a “get out of jail free card” when they get charged with a crime, but as you can see, it never works.

But some of us have gone through some seriously horrible things in our lives and I’m not sure of your story and you don’t know mine.

People who are mentally ill are not crazy. Big misconception. People have experienced serious some serious tragic events in their lives that led up to that. Some choose to share, and some don’t and that’s okay. No one has to tell you’re their story. If you see an alcoholic, there is a story behind it. If you see a drug addict, there is a story behind it. It’s not just something they are doing for fun or for attention. There is a story attached to it, that we don’t know about or that we may never understand.

Love has gotten out of the world. There is so much violence, so much hatred. People just seem to can’t get along. And there is so much jealousy. Some people say congratulations but all at the same time, in the back of their mind, they wonder why the person they are congratulating is being congratulated. “What’s so special about them” I remember when they were this way or that way.” Be happy for each other. What someone used to be is not important. They have become a better a person now. So, to conclude my story, even if they don’t love you back, love them anyway. Show the world you are different; one act of kindness could change the world someday.


About the author

Nerissha Hunt

I am 38 years old. What people think inside their minds, I say out loud. I have a unique writing style. I think that when you write a story, it should have a concept behind it.

We all have a creative side, so, show it. Dare to be different.

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