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That Hero in My Heart

by Jackmama 3 months ago in adoption
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  Everyone has a hero in their heart, brave and strong, sacrificing themselves for others. They are either the generals who defended the country in the 5,000 years of Chinese history, or the supermen who saved the world in science fiction movies, or the ordinary people around us who are eager to help others, or the laborers who work hard and quietly in daily life. In my heart, there are also heroes, more than one, regardless of industry, and even unknown names.

  In late July, heavy rainfall in Henan overnight created a city of water, overnight, TV news and major social media have reported information about the disaster, but along with the heart-wrenching information about the disaster, there are many rescue touching scenes. I was impressed by a short video in which the water was over people's waists, swirling with broken branches and running forward, just before a residential building, a mother put her child in a basin and pushed the basin forward. The child looked just six or seven years old, never seen such a scene, just sitting in the basin was a big water scared and cried. Rescuers rowed the boat, close to the child who was sitting in the basin floating on the water, balanced the dinghy, reached out, while comforting the scared child, while carefully holding the child out, steadily placed on the boat. Other rescuers also comforted him: "Do not be afraid of the child, there are uncles in, do not be afraid, this is the amusement park boat." Rowing rescue personnel also said: "Yes, you are sitting in the amusement park boat, do not be afraid." In the comforting sound, the child gradually quieted down, revealing a smile. And the dinghy seemed to be carrying a boat full of love.

  "Quick, the woman and the child come up first!" The voices of loving volunteers echoed in a subway station that was trapped by the swift current. The storm had taken people by surprise, and the subway station where they travel daily had been flooded with water so strong that it could immediately wash away a person who was not holding onto anything. People gritted their teeth and gripped the edge of the stairs and climbed upward with difficulty. Gradually, some people could hardly support themselves and were about to be washed away. Just then, a young man's voice suddenly rang out: "Quick, women and children come up first! Men hold on a little longer, we will come to get you!" At that moment, people's eyes flashed with hope, and the volunteers rescued them one by one. Suddenly, the crowd in front panicked: a woman was swept away from the boat by the rapids and was about to be swept away! In the nick of time, a man jumped into the water and it was the young man! He quickly swam to the woman, took her arm and swam back, people were holding their breath. The young man grabbed the handrail and made his body lean forward, but because of slippery hands, did not grab, swimming very hard. Closer, closer, finally, the partner in the dinghy reached out and pulled the two people up with force.

  I was touched, what kind and selfless people! The current is so fast, a little carelessness will fall into the water, washed away by the water, they disregarded personal danger, to rescue every person trapped by the water, with words to comfort them, with actions to help them. Among these rescuers, many are people from different industries, barbers put down the scissors in their hands, engineers put down the drawings in their hands, high school students who have just finished their college entrance exams have not yet had a good rest and relaxation, they have gone to the affected areas as volunteers ......

  Not just rescuers, but all over the country are taking action! White elephant, Huiyuan and other companies have donated to aid Henan. The whole nation is taking action, donating money and supplies, asking to be volunteers to go to the front line, which confirms the old Chinese saying: When one side is in trouble, all sides support!

  A small boat, a sheet of RMB, a batch of supplies, which are usually the most ordinary, have become so extraordinary at this moment. All these are full of love, symbols of people's love! My heart gradually formed a firm and clear belief.

  They are the heroes in my heart!


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