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by Nati Saednejad 3 months ago in immediate family

Have you ever met a real-life superwoman?

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Have you ever met a real-life superwoman? I have. She's selfless. A ray of sunshine. Pure kindness in a world of harsh realities. She is so many things to me.

More than a shelter, she's an entire solar system, around which my world revolves. Her planets contain my home, my heart, my happiness. They're everything to me.

Moulding her life around my needs as a child. Carrying me to work when a day without her was too much to bear. Sleeping next to me when sleep was hard to come by. Her love was acrobatic for me.

Loving so selflessly when she was never shown the same growing up. Creating a happy home for me, when her parents never made one for her. Finding the power to give me the childhood she was never granted. Her selflessness is saintly to me.

The oracle of advice and the safe haven filled with hugs when another man has broken my heart. The shoulder soaked with tears when frustration sets in. She is everywhere, all the time, to me.

A chef, a chauffeur, a therapist, a friend. Her roles are innumerable, and her hard work is done for free. Ready to shape-shift a moment's notice, she knows how to be just who I need in every situation. She is everyone to me.

The kind eyes that have watched over me since birth. The soft arms that are my lifejacket in stormy seas. The twinkling laugh that can make you smile from miles away. Everything about her is beautiful. She is perfect to me.

My charm, my empathy, my warmth, and my wisdom. My kooky side, my wandering, wistful side, my deep, intellectual mind. She is all the best parts of me.

The number I know off by heart. The first phone I will always ring. The voice that fills me with warmth when everything around me feels dark and cold. The reassurance that is never slow in wrapping around me, and lifting me up. She gives strength to me.

The best dancer when she's a few drinks down. The life of the party, no matter the company. The guest that will always give you a hand in the kitchen. The hostess who will make her home feel like yours. Everyone loves her, not just me.

An intellect, an astrologer, a woman who has a way with words. A spiritual Swiss superstar, whose affinity with the planets is out of this world. She can chart your path, and tell you which course will set your soul on fire. She is a compass to me.

The teen who came to England without a word of the local tongue. The 23 year old who raised a baby, whilst working and running a home populated by in-laws. The 32 year old who brought me into this world, and sacrificed sleep for what seemed like centuries. She is a magician to me.

The woman I most long to be like, and the one I like the most. The genes that I am blessed to have, and the character I aspire to mirror. The voice of reason when I send myself into spirals, and my motivation when I must be forced to move. She is the driving force behind me.

The best friend that I will always have. The heart that I will always call home. The strength that is inexhaustible. The love that is evergreen. The music to my life's best moments. The tissues to the thousands of tears I have shed. The smile that I can't help but shine back at her. My mum is everything to me.

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Nati Saednejad
Nati Saednejad
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