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Summer nights

by Jaeden coltess about a year ago in humanity

Opening to new beginnings

sitting in the wooden porch they smiled a little. All moved into their new house. well,temporary house. It was only for the summer and it was more or less a job for these three months. The house was worn in, like it had seen its fair share of residents. There was no doubt it didn’t, having been used every summer for the last ten years.

“What are you doing all the way out here?”

Their head turned with the sound of the voice. A relieved smile spread across their face as they got up from the old creaky porch swing.

“Nothing, just thought I’d come enjoy the view.” Picking up the blanket they folded it over their arms to bring it inside.

Quiet and calm. For now at least, that was what energy that took over the neighborhood. It was fitting since it was just turning nine pm. Even for summer that seemed a reasonable time for things to level out for the night. Especially for the group that just finished moving everything from the moving trucks into the house.

“We’re gonna order dinner if you want.” She smiled at the other before stepping back inside and into the cool breeze that swept the house. The air conditioner was a life safer for the eight that needed to cool off after a long day. “Danielle said they’re going to order pizza.”

“that seems fitting.” Following the other housemate inside, they left the blanket on the arm of the couch. “I’m probably going to go shower.”

“Okay, I think Lana just finished washing some towels.”

“Thank you.” They stopped and side hugged their house mate. “Thank you Dee.”

Parting from her, they started on their way to the laundry room but stopped when they’re name was called.


“Yeah?” They answered back as they were about to open the door to the laundry room.

“We don’t have bath mats yet so can you lay a towel down?”

“Don’t worry dee, I gotchu.” They waved off at the other as they disappeared into the room.

Their first day wasn’t very exciting, of course it was just them moving into the house. Box after box piled around the decently sized house. They were doing their best to unpack as they were going. They didn’t know how long they would be there, it could be three months or it could be a year. For now it seemed to be a trial period. It was done on a whim, kind of. It was eight friends who decided they wanted to move in together. Was it going to turn out well? They had almost no clue. They were just trying to have fun.

The doorbell rang twice, notifying that the pizza was in fact here. Lana, the mother of the group, answered the door. Pizza wasn’t the ideal dinner. They didn’t have much of a choice. Trading the money and the tip for the pizza boxed, Lana told the delivery man to have a good night. Calling out for the others around the house. She placed the box down and the youngest of the group, Danielle was the first to open the box. Barely giving the other a chance to move away from the box.

“Okay call down the pizza isn’t going anywhere.” She tried to joke and handed the younger girl with a clean plate from the dishwasher. Drying it off first before she placed a slice on it. “Where is everyone else?”

“Kenna is in the shower.” She spoke with her mouth half full but covered it with her hand when Sebastian came into the kitchen.

“Salam is on their way down.” He told the other two while he got a plate out. “Indra is in her room. I think she has a migraine.”

“Oh that’s not good I’ll get her some Advil. Please use plates. And wash your plates when you're done.”

“Yes mom.” Danielle rolled her eyes as she sat on the counter.

“Hey.” Salam smiled as they entered the kitchen. “Oh pizza.”

“Use a plate!” Lana yelled out from the downstairs bathroom.

They rolled their eyes before they grabbed a plate and placed two slices on the ceramic covered in painted floral patterns. Stopping for a second as they glanced out the window. They could see two boys standing in the window. One had curly black hair and glasses, dressed in a white t-shirt with a black cap backwards on his head. The other with dirty blonde, borderline light brown hair, he had an orange shirt on. The second boy waved through the window after realizing that he, in fact, was able to be seen. However he looked like he recognized that he may have made a mistake. Grabbing the other boy, well more of a man, regardless he grabbed his arm and hit the floor.

“Our neighbors are watching us.” Salam said simply before taking their plate and sitting in the counter next to Danielle.

“Are they?” Seb asked as he looked through the window. Trying to see anyone.

“What’s happening?” Sal asked as they joined the group, taking the plate when offered.

“Neighbors. Watching us.” Salam pointed before wiping their mouth in a piece of paper towel.

“Is the cute one?” Dani asked.

“A cute one?” Seb leaned on the counter with their plate. “We just moved in and you're already eyeing the neighborhoods?”

“No it’s just the one with the light hair, he’s tall. Wearing orange? He asked me if we needed help earlier but I told him we were fine.” She shrugged and looked around the room. “What he’s cute.”

“Hmmhm.” Seb teased.

After dinner they broke up as a group. Settling down for the night. Salam sat on their bed, being quiet and cautious of Indra. They shared the room with Indra. Seb and Sal were roommates, Lana has her own room. Kelli also has her own room. Danielle and Dee shared a room as well. It helped their way of saving rent. They were sort of ontop of each other, but it saved them money in rent.

“What time is it?”

Looking over at their roommate. They smiled a bit as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. Looking around like she was in a whole different world. Salam reached for their phone while they pushed their laptop off their pillow.

“Uh.” Turning the screen on for a second. “Like two am.”

Watching as Indra looked at them before falling against the bed again with a groan. She covered her face with her pillow and sighed a bit.

“Lana gave me sleepy tea.”

“And like twenty milligrams of melatonin.” Salam shrugged and closed the laptop and placed it under their bed. “You kinda died dude.”

“I passed away.” A quick movement and the pillow was against her stomach as she laid there. “Decomposing if you will.”

“You're a dork. Do you want dinner? There’s still some left over pizza.”

Indra hummed thinking about it. She shook her head and just laid there.

“No I’m okay.”

“Well we have rehearsal first thing in the morning. So I’m gonna go to bed.” Salam laughed a little before laying down. “Wake me if you need anything.”

“Will do. Good night.” Indra smiled a bit before laying back and playing on their phone.


Jaeden coltess

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Jaeden coltess
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