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Simple ways to Maintain Your Mental Health

Great ways to relieve the stresses in your life

By Shah HussainPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Simple ways to Maintain Your Mental Health
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People have recognised the importance of good diet and exercise in recent times, and latest statistics suggest throughout the last twenty years, people were eating good and continuing to work out more frequently, likely to result in increased life expectancy, but people still do not understand that their psychological well-being is just as essential as their physical health.

Presently, most people get four to six hours of exercise per day and make absolutely sure that nothing they eat contains carbohydrates or artificial flavors, but they pay no mind to their psychological health, taking no vacations, not even the occasional weekend break, continuing to work 60-hour weeks, taking work home with them, and even working weekends. All in the hopes of one day receiving that big promotion. What good would it do you if your mind overflows and you have a complete meltdown at work?

In the final, no matter well how you eat or how frequently you workout, your physical health to deteriorate. You will develop high blood pressure, stress, and tension, all of which increase your risks of suffering a stroke or heart attack. In the hopes of preventing this from happening to you, I'm sharing what I do to maintain my mental health. Going for a long ride on my Harley is my absolute favourite way to refocus myself. Nothing pulls the world back into focus like riding free as the wind; there are no better types of treatment in my opinion.

Most people go to casinos expecting to win money; I do not. I'm going out to have a nice time. I love the skill that is required in I occasionally like to sit at a poker table, blackjack table, or roulette table and place little wagers. This may not be as exhilarating as risking enormous quantities of money, but in the end, I play longer and win more frequently. The best thing is that because I don't expect to win, I am not upset when I don't, and whenever I do win, aside from walking home with extra money, I have a big smiley face because the night was all that much better.Another reason I enjoy casinos is how far they are from where I live. I can take my bike out in the morning and have a good 3 hour drive to Atlantic City, then at the end of the day I get to enjoy another 3 hours on my Harley, and if the weather is really bad I can either take my truck or just stay home and log on to one of the many online casinos available to choose from.

I also enjoy watching an hour or 2 of television every night, some light sitcoms are a great way to lighten your minds load, and laughing out loud for 30 seconds every day is a great way to release stress.

Video games are also great for stress release, if you are mad at your boss what better way to get it out of you then boxing, just imagine you are pounding on your boss and hope you don’t lose.Your health is negatively impacted by stress. Glucose levels, eating preferences, disease propensity, weight, fat distribution, and other factors can all be impacted. Therefore, it's crucial to learn effective stress management techniques.

One such method is meditation, which has some scientific backing for its utility in stress management and health improvement. Researchers showed that meditation reduced LDL (bad) cholesterol and inflammation in one trial of 48 individuals with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or both when compared to the control group. The respondents in the meditation class also found greater bodily and emotional health .

I hope you try some of these methods or think of some of your own to help keep the stress down in your life and keep your mental health in as good of condition as the rest of you

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