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Should You Stay In A Loveless Marriage? (How To Stay In A Loveless Marriage)

Have you been wondering should you stay in a loveless marriage? It's a common problem as you may know. Let's be real, with an over 50% failure rate for marriage these days, you can certainly feel that you're not alone. You just want to know how to stay in a loveless marriage. It wasn't very long ago I was asking the same thing...

By Charles BillPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

One of the most difficult decisions you may face in your life is whether or not you should stay in your marriage. Marriage is supposed to be for life, but often times doesn't live up to our expectations, becomes abusive or leaves us feeling neglected, unappreciated, lonely and unloved. At the same time you may have issues with leaving your marriage like children, religious beliefs, a fear of being alone, or an uncertain financial future if you leave.

Perhaps you have already spent many years with your partner, have had children and have even had some good times together. Or maybe you got married recently and now that the honeymoon phase is wearing off you are worrying that you made the wrong decision or the true personality of your spouse has come to light and it doesn't even seem like the person you married anymore. If you've been asking yourself "should I stay in my marriage" you need to seriously weigh all of your options before you make a decision.

If you are in a relationship that is physically or emotionally abusive you should probably consider leaving unless your spouse is willing to get help for their problem. Staying in an abusive relationship not only puts you at risk but can also risk the safety of your children if you have any. While physical abuse is obvious to spot emotional abuse may be more difficult to assess or may make your decision whether to stay or leave more difficult to make. However, emotional abuse is often times just as damaging as physical abuse and it is important to know that you don't deserve it.

Sometimes the desire to leave a marriage simply arises because either you have fallen out of love with your spouse or they have fallen out of love with you. Staying a loveless marriage can seem like you are wasting away your life and watching the years tick by without any happiness. Whether you married someone who is emotionally unavailable, whom you didn't love in the first place, or whom you have fallen out of love with it can put you in a difficult situation.

If you are considering leaving because you are in a loveless marriage the decision about whether to stay or leave can be more difficult than if there were obvious signs of abuse, etc. Before leaving just for a lack of love you need to evaluate if there is any way you and your partner may be able to get the love back into your relationship. Although it may seem unlikely many couples who have fallen out of love manage to fall in love all over again even if only one partner wants to. It's not easy and it does require work, but it is a possibility and may be something you want to consider.

You should also take into consideration that often times people will leave a loveless marriage hoping for a better relationship with someone new. However, often times these people will just wind up with a man or woman who is a carbon copy of their ex. It is easy to keep falling for the same type of person over and over and repeating relationship mistakes, so often times it makes more sense to address the underlying issues that made you choose your partner in the first place before moving on and looking for something new.

There is nothing worse than leaving your marriage only to regret it afterward and have it be too late. At the same time you don't want to wake up years from now only to realize you have wasted your life in a marriage that wasn't working.

Rekindle the Passion and Love in Your Marriage!

Remember when your love was new? The nights of passion, the joy of being with your best friend, the person you loved and trusted most in the world? Such excitement and hope! Then as time has gone by, something has happened. Your once loving relationship disappeared, not completely, but so much spark has gone. Small resentments and anger have replaced much of the love and joy.

We may not know that we have certain expectations, but when they are not met, resentment and anger can arise. Usually a husband will retreat and a wife will seethe. Both are suffering, and wondering what to do. Perhaps you are angry, frustrated, or just a very confused and sad wife because you don't know if it's possible to get the love back, and the thought of forever losing the love you shared with your husband is devastating. Well, it is possible to rekindle the love! Your marriage can be restarted and restored. You just have to know how... You must understand what it is that motivates your husband, what makes him "tick"."

You have far more power than you imagine and in fact you really have almost all the power in your relationship. Not because your husband is weak or doesn't want things to be better, but because as the woman you are far more likely to take action. Ladies, men are men...not women. You cannot treat him like your girlfriend, it won't work, and it's insulting to his manhood. Nagging and complaining will only shut him down. The more frustration and anger you direct toward him, the more he will retreat. Threats have no place in a marriage, and are quite destructive and will not get you the result you want. However, rest assured, there is an effective way to reach your husband. If you take the time to understand how his mind works, and stop trying to change him but use your knowledge to inspire him you will be rewarded with a husband dedicated to making you happy, and giving you everything you need. When your husband is doing everything to make your happy you will be inspired to make him happy and like a flower the love and passion will grow.

Perhaps all of this sounds too simple? Well men are rather uncomplicated creatures. Not lesser, just different from a woman. Have you ever heard the saying "Men marry a woman hoping she will never change, and women marry a man expecting him to completely change"? Stop trying to change him. Embrace him and use your knowledge to create the marriage of your dreams. The power of love and acceptance is irresistible. It may seem like it's "all up to you" and it is. You can be very excited about that because knowing that you are empowered to change your marriage is reason for hope and celebration! No longer will you suffer in silence, waiting for your husband to come to you, or listen to you. You cannot change another person, but you can change yourself and that will change everything.

Do you want to reawaken a committed and loving relationship in your marriage? There are proven steps that are amazingly powerful that will help you overcome conflicts and breathe life back into your marriage. This is a plan you do not want to pass by. Click here to see the proven steps on how to save your marriage.

Divorce does not have to be your only option. Even if it feels as though your relationship can't be saved because of the ongoing conflicts between you and your spouse, it can be. There are techniques that you can begin using today that will not only stop a divorce, but will help also you build a stronger and more loving marriage. To learn more visit: Steps to Save Your Marriage


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