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Reasons Your Partner May Cheat

Nothing can break a marriage apart faster than infidelity.

By Shelley WengerPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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Nothing can break a marriage apart faster than infidelity. Whether it is an actual affair or simply spending time with someone of the opposite sex, it can do irreparable damage to your marriage.

However, before you throw in the towel, it helps to understand why someone might feel compelled to cheat. Here are some of the biggest reasons why a person may look elsewhere for affection.

Lack of affection. Though there may have been plenty of passion for each other in the beginning, the truth is that passion does fade. However, that doesn't mean that the relationship is doomed. You just have to find ways to show each other that you still care. If neither one of you do that, one may turn to someone else to find the affection that they are missing in their life.

Low self-esteem often causes one person to cheat. They need the high that they get when someone finds them attractive. Finding someone else (or multiple people) feels good, and, for someone suffering with low self-esteem, it can be just what they need to feel better about themselves.

Health issues, both physical and mental, can cause one person to look outside of their marriage for healing. If one partner is suffering from pain or a disability, they may be tired of relying on their partner for everything. Though healthy, it isn't always good for the relationship.

When someone has to help you shower and take care of yourself, it isn't very sexy. They may need an affair to help them feel better about themselves. The same can be true with someone who is dealing with depression or anxiety. They may need the high of a new relationship to feel better.

Addiction is another reason for affairs. Many people use the excuse that they are addicted to sex as a reason to cheat. However, any addiction, even to drugs and alcohol, can be a good reason why someone may stray from their marriage.

Major life changes can lead to affairs. Though becoming parents can be a blissful time in a couple's life, it is really hard on the relationship. Going from being all about each other to having a newborn that needs everything can be too much for some couples! 

Others may find life without their children too stressful for some couples. Becoming empty nesters wasn't what they thought it would be!

Stress can also lead to affairs. Many couples struggle with stress. If they are separated for a period of time, they might look outside their marriage. If they are struggling with communication and feel like they have to hide things from their spouse, this can lead to affairs.

Many also stray because they feel like the marriage is over. Though you should never cheat before your marriage is done, the truth is that many affairs start when one feels like there is nothing worth saving in their marriage. However, this might just be what the other person needs to see to realize what they might be missing.

Though cheating isn't good, the truth is that there are many reasons why someone would look outside their marriage for something that is missing. They may be missing the companionship and affection that they were used to.

They may also be dealing with emotional and physical problems where they need something to make them feel better about themselves. It can be hard when someone has to help you take care of yourself. You might look for someone else to feel sexy. Many also stray because they honestly think that their marriage is already over. They don't see any point in waiting, because they are already done! 


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