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Reasons to Have Joint Custody of Your Children

Why You Should Fight For Your Children

By Shelley WengerPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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The truth is that divorce can destroy you if you let it. It can be even worse if you have children. Trying to figure out how to split your children up can literally tear you apart. It can be very hard to think about your spouse spending time with your children. You may not want to give them up at all!

That being said, joint custody is the best for all involved. It allows you both to spend time with your children equally. You also will have to work together to make any decisions about your children.

Even if you don't think that you should fight for your children, you really should. Here are some reasons why you should try to get joint custody of your children. 

Your children get to have both of you in their lives

Children thrive when they have both of their parents in their lives. It allows them to learn from both their mom and their dad. They will learn different skills from each of you.

Children without strong parental figures in their life may not be as successful in life. They may not learn certain skills that they need to have later in life. This can include things like cooking, cleaning, and even changing the oil in their car. 

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Both parents should make all the decisions about their children

If you want to have a say in your child's life, you need to help to make the decisions. Those who share joint custody must discuss all decisions about their children, including educational choices and anything that has to do with their health.

However, you may also want to discuss money when it comes to your children. You should decide together how to spend money on your children. This may include trips that your children take and activities that they do outside of school.

It splits up the stress and responsibility of parenthood

Raising a child is a big undertaking. If one of you feel like you are doing everything, it can feel like an even bigger one!

By splitting up your children and making decisions together, it helps to divide the responsibility of raising children. You won't have to feel like you are doing it all alone (or that you don't get any time with your children). Working together is the best way to take some of the responsibility off of your plate.

Missing your children will help you appreciate them more

Most parents feel like they are in survival mode. It takes everything that they got to get through each day. It may even feel like you are barely spending any quality time with your children when you are busy doing the day-to-day activities such as cooking, cleaning, and even homework.

However, when you have a few days to relax, you may find yourself a much better parent. You will be able to take care of yourself and your home when you don't have your children. When you are together, you will be more likely to actually spend time with your children. In fact, you might miss them and can't wait to get them back!

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Joint custody is usually the best for both children and their parents. Your children will be able to spend quality time with both of their parents. They will be able to learn something from each of them.

Joint custody is also good because it helps to split up the duties that need to be done when it comes to raising children. You can make decisions together, which can take away a lot of the stress.

Even better, you will have time to take care of yourself and, when you do have your children, you will have more time for them. In fact, you may realize how much you love and miss your children when you don't have them.


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