Parenting Millennials

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Older Millennials vs Alphas

Parenting Millennials
My Three Millennials - Each face tells its story.

Some days you wonder if the universe is having a laugh at you or punishing you for learning from youthful exuberance and planning for the rest of your child rearing years. Because, having a mid-age millennial in the twenties and then youngest alpha millennials under ten is a real circus act. This coming from a youth development specialist. But it does have some really cool parent highs though! I have one that doesn't speak much and feels I can't relate or understand and the other two that do nothing but speak, so much now we've had to label it 'comebacks' and 'talkbacks' because they feel I do understand or at least should.

So, it’s either not enough talking or me screaming, ‘too much talking’! Do you see my conundrum? Each generations expectation of parenting is different and each demanding a different approach. This then forcing me as a parent to become the student of my children and learning to parent them from them. So, I've chucked it all in and with only theories on practice I yield to the millennials not in defeat but in a glory of victory to enjoy parenting and ride the waves of millennial tides.

Older millennials get a bad rap and are labelled lazy and entitled but I find their risk-taking nature and adamance for entrepreneurship inspiring. It’s hard for them to understand that a lot of the back-breaking commitment they’ve witnessed in the carnage of their parents’ lives was for them and in an absence of technology. Technology has given them the opportunity to live beyond work but, I hope that their resentment for our lives doesn’t degenerate their own responsibilities to family. From my experiences of dealing with a life-threatening illness I learnt that ultimately loved ones are indispensable when all accomplishments from sixteen hours workdays have little-to-no value. What’s important then is who holds your hand. I fear that’s a lesson they may not learn early. So, their bipolar jump from one high experience to another will ultimately create an addict averse to simple pleasures like sitting on the porch or a laugh at lunch with their fellow overworked coworker. Close relationships will then have to move as fast as 5G and with the thrill of social media to keep them engaged and interested.

While Alphas born from Generation Xers stand the chance of being more socially conscious from getting the best of both worlds but disconnected and technologically warped if born to Millennials of Generation Yers who haven’t consciously acquired the skills of valuing social interactions beyond experiential highs and technological stimulation. It can be a dilemma depending on how you want to view it but I’ve decided to learn from it and hopefully grandparents and Generation Xers and those older can see how important it is to still teach, while we are being taught, even if it seems unwanted and overbearing. The grand and great grands will love you.

A positive is, while the older millennials will ignore and only call for you to meet their own needs. They do watch from a distance to see your consistency and they applaud and are inspired by your willingness to learn new things and engage in some risk. That’s how you’ll get your stripes and street credits with them. I think the reasoning is that you are their reflection of their old age and so if you grow and innovate you, they’ll get there too eventually. It gives them hope that life continues to be fulfilling and that’s honestly not a bad hope to have. This approach creates opportunity for you to be worthy of conversations with them. Hey, I don’t complain and just take it where and how I can get it.

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