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Mystery Gizmo

A scary movie doll

By Adrienne ElizabethPublished about a year ago 3 min read

It was a day like just every other, yet something felt different. I received a package on the front porch and it was wrapped with a big pretty bow around it. Yet, I could only see it from under the dark shades I was wearing, and the sun was too bright and I didn’t want to take them off. So, the box looked black and white. From under my glasses it appeared to be black and white, but then when I stepped under the shade of the awning and removed my glasses, the box was green with a white silky ribbon, that was neatly tied. It was resting on the side of the house leaning up against the wall with other packages with it, that had come in the mail.

It was starkly different from the other packages, and gave me some excitement as to what the contents inside might be. Wanting to rush inside the house to get out from the cold, I hurriedly picked up the packages in my arms and opened the door walking inside setting them on the table. Taking the time to remove my jacket and set down my purse, I slipped my shoes off.

I had to discover just what was in the box, I had never seen anything like it. It was quite impressive. I started to unwrap the ribbon gently and unpack the green wrapping. As I lifted the top of the box, I was surprised to see a fuzzy looking object peaking out over yellow crinkle packing paper. This was intriguing for sure, and with a little hesitation I decided to grab the object and pull it out. To my complete surprise it was an old and tattered stuffed animal doll. It looked like the Gizmo character doll from the movie Gremlins. I immediately began to smile as I held it in my hands and started laughing. Confused and curious to see if more contents were inside the box I pushed more of the yellow paper to the side. I found a card addressed to me. I picked it up and opened up the card. The writing appeared to be from a mysterious person, for I didn’t see a name of who it was from. The card simply just read, “This guy has been through a lot, many years of wear and tear, but I heard you were looking for him, and you need him and you love him, and you want him. Be very careful with his heart for he is one of a kind There is no heart out there like his.” I couldn’t help but smile and cry a little bit, for I was curious and hopeful that the mystery box was from the one person I wanted it to be from. The Gizmo doll was definitely an oldie but goodie. I could tell it was a very special doll. I held it close to my heart and vowed silently to myself that I was never going to let go. It was definitely a doll I was going to adore.

That night I went to sleep with the Gizmo doll clutched to my chest as I drifted off to sleep, warm under the covers of a mink blanket and my sweet dog by my side. As I clutched the fuzzy cute stuffed animal I was brought back to my childhood memories of watching the movie Gremlins and let out a sigh and a sweet smile before drifting off to sleep. As my mind quieted down I said a prayer that the mystery box was from the one person I wanted it to be from and decided to let God do the rest.


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