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My Wife Helps Me Be A Better Person Every Day

by Ryan Miller 6 months ago in married · updated 6 months ago
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By driving me crazy every day.

My Wife Helps Me Be A Better Person Every Day
Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash

The truth:

If I were to ignore the fact that my wife is reading everything I publish, I would tell the story of how she manages to drive me crazy every day.

If she would read such an article, I would not eat any homemade food for a few months and I would need to accommodate to sleeping on the couch.

What I would like her to read:

We had been living together for a year only, but despite the short period, I gained a lot of skills since we moved together. For all of them, my wife has a consistent contribution.

Thank you for constantly making me be a better and stronger man. I truly love you for this!

She teaches me how to be courageous

The truth:

Every time we go shopping, she feels the need of driving as if she were Fernando Alonso in the period when he won titles for Renault.

She is driving as if the police would be following us all the time. She never slows down, she pushes the brake pedal as if we are always about to hit a wall. I think she learned how to drive by playing Grand Theft Auto, not by taking driving lessons.

I need to be brave every time we run out of milk or sugar and we have to go shopping.

What I would like her to read:

My dear, living by your side every day transformed me from a grown-up boy into a man of steel.

I do not mind having to face different situations, as you are always by my side. Everything is easier when you are around.

I love the way your drive, we never get late to an appointment. You are right, being punctual is critical.

She keeps me involved in the family activities

The truth:

She always makes plans for when I am free from work. I work 7 days in a row on 3 shifts.

When I don’t work, she has the false impression I am happy to help her redecorate the house by moving the furniture to different places. In our 12 months of living together, the big wardrobe was moved to 3 different places.

When we’re not decorating, we do spring cleanup or go out to take care of different things.

She considers it’s very important I take part in all this mumbo-jumbo.

What I would like her to read:

My wife keeps me involved in all the family’s important activities and I love this. As I work in 3 shifts 7 days in a row, she organizes things in such I way I can participate.

This way, I am never absent from anything important. I take part in all the interesting family memories. I am a character in all the stories we tell our friends.

My dear, I love this! I love your capacity to accept my crazy work schedule and to adapt, in the family’s best interest.

She helps me accept our differences

The truth:

I never had more than one pair of pajamas and I didn’t even feel the need to buy more. I usually sleep in underwear and a T-shirt.

I wear pajamas only when I sleep at my parents’ house. After I wake up, I put on some house clothes and do things I have to do.

My wife has 5 pairs of pajamas and every time we go shopping and we see such important clothing pieces, she asks me if we could buy more. She even suggests buying for me, as I only have one pair hidden in the wardrobe.

Seriously, it’s not about the money, but why do you need to have more than 5 pajamas? If you buy in the same rhythm, we will be needing a bigger wardrobe, a bigger bedroom, and a bigger house. Just because you like pajamas.

What I would like her to read:

She has a simple way of making me understand that people are different and have different opinions regarding some things.

Every time we go shopping, she talks to me about the importance of having nice and comfy clothes.

They’re not just random things we use to cover our bodies. If we choose only things we like, we would have a better mood and the positive energy will from through our bodies. We will be more productive and will have a happier life.

Money doesn’t bring happiness, but nice clothes contribute a lot.

She helps me plan activities ahead

The truth:

Every time she wants to do something and she needs my help, she makes a trip to the future and tells me how she saw things. Something like this:

“We need to go and buy a new refrigerator today because you will work 7 days in a row starting with tomorrow. You will be on the morning shift, but you won’t be in the mood to go out after you finish work. You know that this period of the year is stressful at your job; last year was the same. The only solution is to go out today.”

It doesn’t matter that we can do a certain thing the next day or on any other day, we need to solve everything in the days when I don’t go to work. Every time I avoid doing something because I am tired or I don’t feel that it’s important, she writes the case to an invisible agenda and reminds me of it when we plan another activity.

What I would like her to read:

I love your capacity to organize all the important things the family has to do. I may sometimes be tired from work, but you always have a fresh mind and you never forget anything important.

You choose the best timing for doing different things and this makes our lives much easier. I can’t tell you how much I love your ability to always put things in order. Thank you for being part of my life!

Bottom line

The truth:

I think I will go crazy if things stay like this for long. I hope this is just a phase of our relationship and things will change.

Who knows, maybe she will discover, in time, that it’s better to always buy beer when you go out, not pajamas.

What I would like her to read:

My wife is the person responsible for my self-development. She though me so many things so far, she could be a self-help trainer in her sleep.

There are so many things I couldn’t have learned by myself.

My dear, I cannot thank the Universe enough for bringing us together. We have an awesome life and you have a big contribution to this.

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