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My sister F'ed up

you want your whole family to love your partner. but that's hard when they are thick headed and hate them.

My sister F'ed up
1 Day After the Incident

It started off like every other morning. I came out of my room and there was my sister with her kids. We were all playing, her daughter with mine and I was playing with my nephew. Just like any other morning. When my partner woke up, I had him take our daughter before he even went to the bathroom. I was in the middle of taking a poop when he came in to ask me to hurry up as he had to GO as well. I said “ok ill hurry up.”

My sister, being someone who likes to pick fights, said “Don’t talk her like that.” He replied “Mind your own [email protected]#%ing business.” And he walked back to our room. Now this is not the first time she has said these kinds of things to him with her attitude. And it's been going on for almost 6 months at this point, tension was high. We almost got kicked out back in October because of her needing to start fights as well. *

My father was over and told him to come to talk. I came out to grab my baby and ended up getting roped into the conversation.* By the time I got out there, his feeling to poop went away. After about 10 minutes of talking my dad asks me to go grab my sister, “Dad said he wants us all to talk, but don’t bring your attitude.”

“well, I'm about to F$#@ him up so you don’t want me out there!”

“Ok then.” I went back outside to talk to my dad and told them what she said. Not even two minutes later and she comes out, with her attitude. She started saying some smart a$$ things which lead to my partner saying some things as well. One thing led to another and he flips her the bird, “[email protected]# YOU!”

“I’LL [email protected]#$ YOU UP!”


She jumped at the chance, punching him in the eye. My dad ran over to grab her and stop anything else from happening. I got in between him and her, while holding my baby. When I turn around to look at her she's kicking and flailing around trying to get out of my dad's arms to continue what she stated.

She started picking random things up and throwing them, with terrible aim. She first threw some kid toys, then the grill lid, then she was trying to take off her shoes but wasn’t very successful. My dad yells for my brother to come out and help him restrain her. He runs out thinking my partner is the one who started this. He looks at my partner telling him to calm down, I screamed what happened telling him our sister’s crazy. He picks up the grill that my sister tried throwing at him. They finally get her inside and my partner leaves as he can't be there anymore. I started packing up our things for a couple days thinking things would cool off... boy was I wrong.

Honestly it was like watching a movie with how crazy she was acting. Now me and my partner both agree, weirdest way to throw a punch ever. She’s a righty and hit his right eye, her wrist literally twisted and she almost broke it. His eye turned red, like bloodshot, and the entire area around his eye was red. It didn’t bruise or anything. I also feel I have to mention my partner did nothing, did not hit her nor did say anything after the hit.

*Will be posting that story another time

*if you want me to write about the whole conversation let me know

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