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My Marriage Is Over and I Don't Know What To Do (My Marriage Is Over and It Hurts)

Are you unfortunate to be in a world where you're saying my marriage is over and I don't know what to do, then you're probably going through a ton of terrible stress right now. It's not fun, and I'm truly sorry for what you have to go through. If you're in a situation where you're saying my marriage is over and it hurts, then this might be the most important thing you've ever read.

By Ron CollinsPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Though some say that they knew it pretty early on that their marriage was not working out, some couples are not that lucky. They fail to recognize the early signs of a marriage going sour and actually wake up when it is too late in the day for retrieval. But the main question still remains that when your marriage is over, what role should you play? Should you call it quits or give it another try to put it back on tracks?

It is nearly impossible to give any 'right' answer to this question. You and your spouse are the best deciders in this situation. Whatever be your specific case, the good news is that you can actually put it back on tracks, when your marriage is over. But the first and only pre-requisite for this to happen is that BOTH of you must be equally keen to set things right again.

There is one important point to remember, however, before you start to rebuild your failing marriage. You must be absolutely sure regarding the reasons for the failure of the relationship. When your marriage is over, there is no room for guesswork, regarding why it happened. Unless you are sure why your marriage is over you would forever be groping in the dark to find solutions to repair it.

A few of the common signs to tell you when your marriage is over include: total breakdown of communication or even if there is some amount of exchange of words, it is regarding children, finance and other issues which are common to both of you. There is neither any intimacy nor any cordiality in the conversations you have with your spouse.

The other tell-tale sign to confirm when your marriage is over is the lack of interest that your spouse has in you or the home. Neither does he or she give you any time nor takes any interest in an activity which includes you. Both of you are living as two separate entities, even though you may be sharing the same bed!

You know when your marriage is over when both of you live together not as best friends but more as staunch enemies, where you are trying to outperform the other in every respect. Every thing done and every word said by your spouse irritates or antagonizes you and vice versa. That is the time you know that your marriage is over.

Love and respect of each other is critical to put your marriage back on tracks. If both of you are keen to continue with the marriage, it is time to open up blocked channels of communication, forgive and forget the past and start the relationship with a fresh and positive mind.

Steps to Regain a Lost Love When Your Marriage is Over

Marriages may be made in heaven but a split in a marriage happens here on earth. Things are really painful when a marriage goes sour. In case you too are going through a similar phase in your marriage, and still love your spouse with all your heart, you must be feeling desperate to save the marriage at any cost. What should you do to regain the lost love when your marriage is over? Is it at all possible?

The situation when your marriage is over is a serious issue and no expert can give you a fool-proof solution on how to revive a dead relationship. There are two sides to the coin and unless one knows both sides of the story, it is practically impossible to give advice. Be that as it may, here are some universal tips, aimed to equip you with the knowledge of what you can do to revive the relationship when your marriage is over:

o Admission of guilt as well as your shortcomings and inadequacies is the first step to take when your marriage is over. This is perhaps the only way your spouse can be convinced to give you a second chance.

o I am presuming that you have talked to your spouse enough number of times regarding his or her attitudes and behaviors which bother you. So when your marriage is over, and you want to revive the relationship, it is better not to revisit those areas all over again. Let it be known to your spouse that you are willing to accept him or her the way they are.

o Before you revive the relationship, try your best to revive and reopen the channels of communication. Unless you get an opportunity to talk to your spouse in private about the relationship, it is nearly impossible to save the marriage.

o When your marriage is over, never seek the help of friends and family for mediation. It is a private matter between the two of you and it should remain this way till the end. Even visiting a marriage counselor should be done only when both of you feel need for it.

o While you are trying to put in all your efforts to revive the lost relationship and stall any plans for divorce etc, never ever try to create a 'reason' for staying in the relationship like kids, finance, etc. When your marriage is over, the desire to get back should come from within. True love and respect for you are the only two things that can convince your spouse to remain in the relationship.

At the end of the day, no one can tell for sure, whether you would be successful in reviving the lost love - but you should never give up without trying. However, you need to handle the whole situation when your marriage is over, calmly, maturely and with dignity. Sometimes even agreeing to the split can make your spouse make a U-turn and get back to you.

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