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My Life as a Mom right out of High School and Military Wife

Our life takes off

By Kalista TamborskiPublished 10 months ago 5 min read

As we traveled from Pennsylvania to North Carolina with our daughter, we had vast emotions. I remember the excitement of all the newness. The surroundings, the freedom to be on our own. But also the fear, the fear of being on our own. My husband is 20 at the time and I’m 19. Just 2 years ago I would have never guessed I’d have a baby, get married, and be owning a home right out of high school. It almost seems a fairytale.

We pulled up to our new home and started unpacking. Our daughter was so excited running through the new house. She fell asleep that night so peacefully in her very own bedroom. My heart had never felt so full. I had the husband the baby and the house. It was every girls dream, right? Or it was mine at least. I was blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom. Watching my daughter every moment. Soaking up the hugs, kisses, and most definitely the tears and tantrums too!

It wasn’t long before I was pregnant yet again! We were overjoyed. I was also feeling anxiety. In my previous story I believe I mentioned how my birth to my daughter resulted in an emergency c-section. The scare was traumatizing. The recovery was painful. I was anxious to go through giving birth again. I set all that aside and just embraced the fact our family was growing!

Soon the morning sickness hit. The fatigue was strong. I was struggling to keep up with my little 1 year old. I felt awful. She had no clue what was going on, she’s too small to understand completely. But I got up every day and made sure I saw a smile on her face and heard her laughing. Children deserve a childhood they can embrace and thrive in.

Months down the road my husband had to go to Virginia for trainings. He was to be gone for 2 months. My daughter and I hugged him goodbye. Within 3 weeks of him being gone…my biggest fear struck. I woke up in pain. I was bleeding. I called a close friend and she came right away. I went to the hospital in fear that I just lost my baby. They did an ultrasound and the baby looked to be okay. The heart oh the sound of the babies heart was a sudden relief. I had a follow up the next day with my obgyn. He didn’t sound too sure how the pregnancy will continue. Will we make it to full term or not? It became a waiting game. I was put on at home bed rest. My husband was sent home from his training early to be home to help me. One night I had severe pain to where I collapsed to the ground my husband made me a bath as quick as he could and carried me to it. He went and got me a warm rag to help relieve some cramping. He did all he could. He wanted this to end he couldn’t bare seeing me in pain. I insisted I was going to make it full term. There was no way in hell I was giving up on this baby. I rested often, I ate a balanced diet, I did everything I could do to carry out a healthy pregnancy.

We scheduled for a c-section. Coming up on 2 weeks to the scheduled c-section my iron levels were a 8 when it needed to be a 12. I was put on a high dose of iron because if I didn’t increase my iron to at least an 11 I would for sure need blood transfusions for a safe delivery, my doctor said. A couple days before delivery day my iron levels were checked. I made it to an 11.5 which was amazing news to hear!

The in-laws arrived the day we were going to be heading to the hospital. I was sad to leave our daughter, in fear of the worst. I wanted to hold her extra tight that day. Off we went to the hospital and oh boy I was shaking! So many emotions rushing through me. It came time for the epidural. They messed it up FIVE times. I began to shake profusely. Scared this was all about to go so wrong. On the 6th try she finally got it and my husband was able to come in. I cried as soon as I saw him while they explained what had just happened. Laying on the metal table yet again. Arms wide opened. Body exposed. They began the c-section. Not too long after I began to feel very hot. I didn’t remember this feeling from my first c-section. My eyes were heavy. Heat flashed through my face. I was feeling confused. Then I spoke and said, “hot I’m so hot it’s so hot in here” and I started to fade I felt myself fading quickly. It almost seemed as if it was in a distance I heard the nurses and doctors yelling words, words of which I didn’t comprehend. My nurse got real close to my face and I heard her saying, “open your eyes I need you to open your eyes”, I slowly opened them and she continued, “keep your eyes opened, what do you want to do when you get out of here?” She asked. I answered with, “my daughter..I want my daughter”. And she began asking about my daughter at home. Before I knew it I heard a cry and the surgeon say, “it’s a boy!!”. We had ourselves a healthy baby boy! And off to recovery I went.

It was all over. Everything I feared happened. But one thing that I feared didn’t, which resulted in us having a healthy baby boy because I did not give up not once did I give up.

We were sent home the third day and we were thrilled to introduce our daughter the new big sister to her new baby brother.


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