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My Husband Won't Talk To Me After A Fight (How To Get Your Husband To Talk To You After A Fight)

Are you in a marriage where you're thinking and saying my husband won't talk to me after a fight? If so then I'm very sorry because I know exactly how that feels. But I can also tell you that there's a good chance that your marriage can be saved like mine was. This article will show you how to get your husband to talk to you after a fight.

By Ron CollinsPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

When you've had an argument and your husband won't talk to you, what should you do? How do you communicate with him so you can resolve the problem and let your feelings be known? If you find yourself trying to talk to your husband about something important and it just seems to put him in a rage or causes him to shut down completely, then it's time to analyze your approach.

Knowing What To Do When Your Husband Won't Talk To You - Understanding Your Differences

One of the most important things to remember is that men and women are two totally different creatures. They don't think the same. They don't act the same. And they most certainly don't communicate the same way. If you want to get through to your husband so he'll talk to you, then you need to speak to him in a way he understands.

Keep in mind that men tend to take words literally. Have you ever found yourself saying things to him like:

  • "You never help around the house."
  • "You're always working."
  • "You never talk to me or tell me what's going on when you're stressed."
  • "You always spend time with your buddies instead of me."

When you use definitive words like "always" and "never" it completely discounts all the things he DOES do for you. For example, maybe he takes out the garbage, changes the oil in your car, or fixes the broken table leg in the kitchen.

Maybe you feel like he needs to help out more, but these are all things he does for you that you may forget to appreciate him for. If you use words like always and never, then your husband will immediately put up a wall and won't be open to any communication.

Instead, get him to help more by appreciating him when he helps around the house, no matter how small the action is. For example, it might be as simple as, "Thanks for bringing in that empty glass from the living room." You'll have a much better reaction from him if you approach him from the standpoint of appreciation rather than complaining about everything he's not doing.

When you need to discuss something important with your husband, use the word "I" instead of "you" to express your feelings. For example if he doesn't spend enough time with you, try saying something like, "I love spending time with you and I miss you when you're not here. I feel left out when I don't get to see you much."

That will go over much better than saying something like, "You're never home. You always spend time with your buddies and at work." If you try to communicate by using the word "you", then he will feel like you are pointing fingers. He will feel like you are blaming him and that everything is always HIS fault.

3 Top Ways to Handle Marital Conflicts Effectively

It is normal for spouses to disagree on certain issues and situations but it is important to know how to handle marital conflicts to avoid damaging the marriage. Conflicts in marriage are inevitable, it happens in most marriages even on the best ones. Although couples are united as one, they are still two different people with different preferences, values and opinions that can lead to disagreements. The way spouses handle disagreements and conflicts can make or break their marriage.

Common source of conflicts are issues on children, in-laws, sex and money. Raising children and parental responsibilities can be a source of disagreements. Even relationship with in-laws becomes an issue to some marriages. Problems with sex can be a big issue in a marriage. Issues in handling family finances, savings, spending and paying bills can arise in any marriage. Marriage is a complicated relationship and conflicts can come up anytime that is why it is important that married people are prepared and well equipped to handle marital conflicts. Here are the top 3 ways to handle marital conflicts:

Communicate directly and share your feelings. In order to resolve conflicts in a marriage, of course you both need to talk and communicate. Sometimes it is hard to communicate especially during conflicts, spouses sometimes bring up their concerns and issues indirectly. They speak indirectly or show unpleasant behavior to demonstrate their disgust or their disagreement which is not healthy in a marriage. Open communication is important if you want to handle marital conflicts effectively. Spouses should learn to communicate effectively to directly express their feelings and thoughts about certain issues. It is also important to create a positive atmosphere to encourage good communication. Avoid negative facial expressions and be considerate of the feelings of your spouse.

Discuss the issue in a positive non-confrontational way. It is important to bring up the issues in a positive and peaceful way to avoid blaming and shouting with each other. Accusing or blaming your spouse will not solve the problem but will just worsen the situation. Try to handle marital conflicts in a positive and peaceful way. Keep your cool because you can both think clearly if conflicts are handled with a calm and cool head.

Negotiation and compromise. It is impossible that you both will agree on all issues all the time that is why it is important to negotiate and compromise to keep your marriage in good shape. Identify and discuss the priorities and goals in your marriage. Discuss the marital issues that need to be discussed and if you both cannot find a common ground then find a middle ground, negotiate and compromise. Give and take is important if you both want to handle marital conflicts effectively. In the face of conflicts and disagreements, couples should know how to come to terms with their disagreements, negotiate and compromise.

Although many marriages end up in divorce, it is still possible to create a lasting marriage. It is important that you know what to do if there are conflicts in your marriage.

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