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My Husband Looks At Me Like He Hates Me (Why Does My Husband Look At Me With Disgust)

Are you in a marriage where you're always feeling like my husband looks at me like he hates me? Well you're certainly not alone. If you're wondering why does my husband look at me with disgust then you've probably got some real stress going on in your marriage, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out.

By Charles BillPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

There are no marriages without their own share of problems. However, there are times that are so bad that you can't help but wonder "Does my husband love me?" And since we are women and tend to be more pessimistic about our loved ones, you can hastily and wrongly conclude that your husband hates you. But does he? Let's find out.

First of all, the possibility that your husband hates you is, to say the very least, slim. I know that you might feel like your husband doesn't love you anymore. In fact, he might have explicitly said to you that he hates you. However, you must understand that things that are said in the heat of the moment don't hold any value at all. Your husband married you for a reason and that reason is that he loved you. Love can't change to hate easily. A marriage is a very hard thing to maintain - because it couples the stresses of a relationship with the stresses of every day life. So it's not abnormal that you would have heated fights with your husband. Whatever he might have said during the heat of the moment should not be taken for real. Your husband does not hate you. However, the fact that you are having a lot of heated arguments could mean that your marriage is heading the wrong way. Saving a marriage from divorce is something that can be done if the time's right - so, to win your husband's love back, please read the rest and act immediately.

Men don't like it when they aren't given space. This is the reason why a lot of women ask themselves "does my husband love me?" and it's why you were thinking that your husband hates you. Marriage is something that denies husbands the time and space they need. When this happens, they start the blaming game and so come the fights. If you don't understand your husband's need for space (like most women), you will just pressure him further by trying to be extra nice to him, doing things for him - these will all require you to be more "in the face" of your husband. So, starting today, try to process the fact that in a marriage, husbands sometimes need space. That is why you have to stop all kinds of crying or begging to your spouse - it will just drive him further away.

What most marriages just need is some space between the couples for a short amount of time. This will actually give both the husband and the wife a chance to miss each other, which so often initiates the lifelong lasting "peace process". Does your husband hate you? No. "Does my husband love me"? Yes, he does, but that doesn't mean that you can just ignore the signs of a deteriorating marriage and let it crash.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

4 Tips Using the Power of Feminine Grace to Make Your Husband Love You All Over Again

Is your marriage to your husband no longer what it used to be? Have the romantic, passionate nights been replaced by constant arguments? Does it feel more like you're roommates than lovers?

If your marriage has gone stale and you want to revive your relationship with your husband and make him love you all over again, here are 4 tips to help you.

4 Tips To Make Your Husband Love You All Over Again

Before you can get your husband to love you again, you first must let go of the past. There's no doubt mistakes have been made in your relationship. He's made mistakes. You've made mistakes. Some of those mistakes may rear their ugly head over and over again.

If you want love to grow and resentment to fade, then you must let go of the past. Don't keep bringing up old arguments. You have to start over with a clean slate.

Next, learn to focus on what you love about your husband instead of focusing on his faults and flaws. Maybe you're super attracted to his body. Maybe he knows just how to touch you or hold you the right way to make you feel safe. Maybe it's the way he always makes you laugh or the things he provides for you. If you take a few minutes to make a list, there are probably dozens of things you admire and love about your husband.

Focusing on your man in this way is what relationship expert Kara Oh refers to in her book, "Men Made Easy", as having "feminine grace". When you focus on his positive qualities, you'll start to feel yourself interacting and communicating with him in a different way. Your approach will be much more loving, and you'll be amazed at how differently he responds to you when he no longer feels guarded and defensive.

Next, bring back some passion and romance to your relationship. Don't wait for him to make the first move. Take the lead and he will follow.

Think back to what attracted him to you when you first started dating. Did you always look your best whenever he was going to pick you up for a date? Did you do your hair a certain way, wear a certain perfume, or wear something cute and sexy just for him?

When a man falls in love with a woman, he rarely wants her to change. Women on the other hand often fall in love with a man thinking they can turn him into a Prince Charming. If you've let yourself go or have stopped doing all the cute, sexy things you did for your husband when you first got married, then you've probably caused him to lose attraction for you.

Lastly, be proactive and make him see you as the beautiful, amazing woman he fell in love with. Many wives think the way to get what they want from their husband is to nag or complain when he does something wrong.

This only alienates him and shuts him off to love. If you want your husband to love you all over again, then take the lead and act out of feminine grace, and you'll be amazed at how differently he responds to you.

Do you want to reawaken a committed and loving relationship in your marriage? There are proven steps that are amazingly powerful that will help you overcome conflicts and breathe life back into your marriage. This is a plan you do not want to pass by. Click here to see the proven steps on how to save your marriage.

Divorce does not have to be your only option. Even if it feels as though your relationship can't be saved because of the ongoing conflicts between you and your spouse, it can be. There are techniques that you can begin using today that will not only stop a divorce, but will help also you build a stronger and more loving marriage. To learn more visit: Steps to Save Your Marriage


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