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My Husband Goes Out Without Telling Me (My Husband Leaves The House Without Telling Me)

Are you in a marriage where you're sadly saying my husband goes out without telling me? If you are, and you're feeling like your marriage is being destroyed because of it, then it's time that you understand the truth to why this is happening. If you're in a situation where you're saying my husband leaves the house without telling me, then this might be the most important thing you've ever read.

By Mark JanePublished 2 years ago 6 min read

Unhappy marriage signs are among the common problems faced by married couples now a day. These are problems often seen by the couples but come and go all the time. These can affect them and their children especially when signs are evident all of the time. More so, it is not beneficial for a healthy relationship to dwell on those signs and kept it until negative emotions are out bursting. The signs are not made to break the married life, but these are made to remind the couples that, "hey, there's something going wrong with the relationship, common lets solve it". Failure to feel such reminder would lead to failure in marriage.

True enough, marriage are not made in heaven but it can be happier when the husband and wife take time and effort to achieve it. It can be sweeter than ever when the husband and wife ever fail to remind each one that they love and care for each other always. It can be worth saving for when the two parties are doing necessary efforts to nurture, nourish and meet each expectation; but it can also be unhappier when the husband and the wife continue to be blind that the relationship is not at all well.

There are different signs of unhappy marriage, and most often, these are signs that are worth salvaging.

Communication Gap - When the communication in marriage is lessened, there is something to worry about. This communication gap is a sign that the marriage is not working anymore and that the connection and link between the husband and wife slowly diminishes until such time misunderstandings and arguments can occur. When the communication shifted from open to close, it has something to be talked about. You cannot live a marriage life without anyone to share feeling, thoughts and opinions with.

No Time - Have you tried spending dinner alone? Have you gone shopping all by yourself? Have you gone grocery shopping with friends rather than your partner? Have you painfully experienced celebrating your anniversary alone because he/she comes home late? TIME is demanded from marriage. You have the responsibility to prioritize things and give more time to the marriage. Lack of time means you do not really value the essence of the marriage which then cause unhappiness to the relationship.

Emotional Unavailability - One of the reasons why you marry the person is because of emotional support and intimacy. At the stage of courtship, promising emotional intimacy is very attaching until marriage happens and emotional intimacy is coming out of the picture. Either of you may become emotionally distant and unattached. Reasons may sometimes be reasonable, but oftentimes, it is irrational. This is one of the unhappy marriage signs because at the time you need someone to cry on, no one is present to support you, which the partner is most accountable for.

Boredom - This is so funny but TRUE. When marriage for the couples has becoming a routine, boredom can really strike. This is also very true to long term relationships before marriage, you may feel as if there's nothing left to learn and so the tendency you take things for granted and you lose any interest anymore.

Absence of Physical Intimacy - The absence of physical intimacy is one major sign of unhappy marriage because of INFIDELITY. When there's minimal time for sex, or even sweet warm embrace and holding hands are very rare. It can be very questionable why for a sudden the intimacy which was intense before has become dry and dull now.

Constant Conflict - If arguments and quarrels are common and often to happen between the husband and wife it can really make the marriage unhappy. What more when argument is added with physical acts of violence such as throwing things, fighting over the breakfast table with an attempt to throw the spoon and fork, and bickering. These are not healthy anymore especially if the children are witnessing this kind of situation. When people truly love each other, even on the peak of their emotions, they think before they say something bad towards each other.

Constant Talk of Separation - When either one of you is talking with friends or families about getting any annulment and divorce, it is a definite unhappy marriage sign. If you already know the legal process to take for separation and finds time to discuss with each other in relation to your marital status, the marriage will surely go down. However, as always being said, divorce or separation is not an option. Even if there are unhappy marriage signs, your life and your children's life are blessings. So, take some time before deciding. What can be more relieving is to be able to talk to each other the unhappy signs and work it out.

Happy Relationships Are Contagious

Candice and Andrew had been married four years. She reported that the first three or so had been great. However, these last few months had been rocky. They were fighting a lot and it seemed they were fighting for no particular reason. She still felt like she was married to her best friend. However, she was beginning to feel like her best friend didn't understand her.

As Candice was explaining the situation she took some comfort in the fact that she wasn't alone. It seemed like almost all of her friends were having issues in their relationships also. She paused for a moment to assess that situation. "Yeah, pretty much everyone except for Paula and Marc, and we hardly see them anymore anyway."


My grandmother used to say, "Cows hang out with cows." At age nine that adage didn't make a lot of sense to me. However, through the years, I've grown to understand that everyone hangs out with people who are similar. If you aren't similar to your peers in the beginning, chances are you will become more and more alike as time goes on. Marriage satisfaction is no exception -- and most importantly, it's contagious.

Happy couples spend time with other happy couples. It's not a lot of fun to be in a conversation with six angry women when you're the only one still madly in love with your husband. Conversely, if you are agitated with your Honey, and at lunch with four other women talking about how much they are enjoying their men, sure at first it will be irritating as hell. However, after not very long, chances are very high that happy, flirty, vibe will take hold.

So, it's worth some examination. If you are having some bumps in the road to marital bliss, how are your friends doing in their relationships? Are they happy, pissed, on the verge of ruin? I'm guessing where ever you are, you aren't alone. Can you save your relationship by surrounding yourself with happily coupled friends? Who knows. However, I am quite sure you could improve your relationships by surrounding yourself with others who are in gratitude for the love in their lives.

Happy cows hang out with happy cows.

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