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My Husband Bores Me (What To Do When Your Husband Bores You)

Are you in a marriage where you're constantly saying and thinking my husband bores me? I know this is a very stressful thing, because I was there once and there are tons of other women there now as well. It's important to realize that this CAN be turned around. But first you have to know what to do when your husband bores you.

By Mark JanePublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Do you think all men are inherently stupid and immature, or resistant to change and sexually lazy, and the only thing that keeps them in place is nagging, tricks, manipulation and rewarding and punishing them with giving and withdrawing sex? If you answered yes to ANY one of these descriptions, then please pass go. Do not even bother to read this article. It will make no sense to you.

If on the other hand, you have a good relationship and a good man, and you think your boring man has "potential" and just needs a little bit of "support' stepping up and becoming the fun, interesting, exciting and sexually intense man you want him to be, then we have something in common -- woman to woman.

Traditionally there are two ways to get a man to do something: one way is telling him what you want in clear logical terms and politely asking for his participation. The other way is creating a particular feeling in him that stimulates him into action. You can choose to use either one way -- or both -- but you must know how to do it really well.

In this article, I will focus on the one way that I use with incredible results, every single time.

They say men are logical and analytical in their thinking, they make decisions typically based on careful analysis and all that stuff. And it is really, really great that they are that way -- but only if they are doing a task that requires those skills. The problem is that most men are logical and analytical PERIOD. There is nothing more to them. That is why most of them are boring to women.

But this is also where most women fail themselves, especially if they've already "caught" the man. They think he's now my husband the rest will take care of itself and will live happily eve after. Mistake!

The reason your man was fun, interesting, exciting and sexually intense when you were dating and courting each other is because you were flirting and seducing him and in the process creating particular feelings in him that stimulated him into action. When you stopped, he stopped feeling those feelings. He lost the inspiration. Did I mention that most men are logical and analytical PERIOD?

A relationship that has ongoing fire and passion in it needs inspiration. It's an endless seduction. Your man is constantly being seduced and courted by many other things in his environment including work pressure and the pressure to succeed on one end, and porn and advertisement of naked women with perfect bodies on the other end. Your job is to flirt, to woo and to seduce him again and again. Just watch the movie 50 First Dates and see Adam Sandler seduce Drew Barrymore again, and again, and again.

If dating and courting is an invitation to a purchase, the way you seduce your man is your brand. By constantly evoking the emotional essence that fits with his aspirations, fulfills his emotional needs, and sparks his fantasies you're demonstrating to him why he loves you and needs more of you around him.

Studies have shown men who enjoy the company of their women are more loyal, committed and creative, in addition to experiencing satisfaction in the relationship. So fill him with feelings of confidence, encouragement, fun, excitement, arousal and sense of personal growth. Create experiences that inspire him to try something he didn't think he could do before.

Problem is, you can't do this if you're not confident, fun, exciting, genuinely sexy and empowered yourself -- your efforts will just be one more thing to turn him off. If you're using some "technique' you pulled off an internet article or book on seduction and trying to look like or act like you are confident, fun, exciting and "sexy", your efforts leave a bad feeling (suspicion) instead of inspiration.

To be seductive from your very core is first and foremost to seduce yourself. Your seduction style -- one that is casually and naturally you and comes from within you and is effortlessly and abundantly there and stays with you day and night, whether you're with people and or alone -- is the magnetism, your attraction factor and is most magnetic when expressed as authentic love.

Seducing your man by inspiration has a high redeeming value and has a myriad of advantages. And when you contemplate those advantages, you'll wonder why anyone would choose nagging, tricks, manipulation and sex rewards and punishments, when creating particular feelings in him that motivate him to develop his own internally generated and situation-driven behaviour consistent with his own values and felt wants and desires is so much, well, fun!

In fact, the less time and energy you spend on manipulation and deception or on complaining about how boring your man is the energy and time you have for coming up with creative ways to inspire him to action -- and the more passionate and magical your relationship will be.

My Date Doctor website (Articles Section, category Seducing Men) contains many articles which empower you to develop your own seduction brand and learn how to seduce by inspiration.

Go on inspire your man!

PS: If you think all men are inherently stupid and immature, or resistant to change and sexually lazy, and the only thing that keeps them in place is nagging, tricks, manipulation and rewarding and punishing them with giving and withdrawing sex, and you still managed to read this article to the end, I have words of wisdom for you too. You can get work from the beast if you beat it; what you'll never get is loyalty. Pushed too far, the beast breaks and runs or breaks and bites back. That's just the way it is.

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