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My Husband Abandoned Me (What To Do When Your Husband Abandons You)

Are you sitting in a marriage right now where you're sadly saying my husband abandoned me? If so then you have to move fast, because it may be getting close to the "too late" time. But first you need to come to grips with what is actually going on in your marriage to know exactly what to do when your husband abandons you.

By Amora StevPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
My Husband Abandoned Me (What To Do When Your Husband Abandons You)
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Yes, I have gone through the trauma which you are now experiencing right now. Thinking back, I feel that I must have been day dreaming when I 'presumed' every thing was fine between me and Sean - my husband for five years. He announced his intentions to 'separate' over dinner one evening and before I knew what was happening and put out my reasoning why he should not leave me, he was gone! After going through several trials and tribulations, expensive advice from marriage counselors and useless tips from friends and family, to day I know what to do when your husband leaves you.

I am here to share my experiences with you and also give you never-revealed tips about what to do when your husband leaves you, which I firmly believe, you would not get anywhere else. The reason why I feel like sharing these tips with you is because I do not want any other woman to suffer the way I did and with ready solutions at hand, you can solve your problem quicker and not waste time groping around, the way I did.

The first lesson that I learnt about what to do when your husband leaves you is not to be hopeless right from the beginning. Sean too threatened me with a divorce, when he decided to leave me, and as is expected, I reacted violently. But take it from me - this is not at all what to do when your husband leaves you. In stead, take his decision calmly and let him have his way. As strange as it may sound, such departures could well be temporary get-away which many husbands (and wives also) resort to, just to take a break or put the pause button on to the relationship. .

When I let Sean leave me, without blaming or charging him for things which I thought were responsible for souring our marriage, he left, but only for a short while. He came back recharged and with a fresh bunch of loving emotions, which I had never experienced earlier. Let me explain, why this sudden change of feeling happened as it can explain to you in more detail - what to do when your husband leaves you.

The first and perhaps the most important thing a temporary separation does to a husband is that gradually he realizes his wife's worth. Obviously, when your husband leaves you he is under the impression that life could be far better once he is without you. But reality is harsh and before long, he realizes how comfortable you made life for him. He starts to miss the fights, the familiar sights and smells of home and most importantly the fact that may be - he could give the marriage a second chance.

My husband confessed to all these feelings, when he came back after his short sojourn. Therefore to know what to do when your husband leaves you, simply sit tight and wait for him to make up his mind. If both of you experienced true love and respect for each other, sooner than later your husband is going to miss you and whatever you had done for him.

Everything said and done, deciding instantly regarding what to do when your husband leaves you can be tough and sometimes impossible. Every marriage works on a different set of dynamics but love is the only single common factor in all marriages which keep couples together or make them split.

I did suffer for very long and never had an idea about what to do when your husband leaves you, but today I can stand guarantee that if you are sure that you have put in all that it requires a marriage to click and have sincerely loved him, just let him be and respect his decision to leave. The less you cry and throw tantrums over his decision, the more attracted he gets to you. Incredible, but that's the way most husbands react.

Top Four Reasons Why Marriages Fail

For the most part, it is often the lack of communication between the two partners that causes a marriage to fail. But aside from lack of communication, there are several other things that couples need to avoid in order to save the marriage from falling apart. So read on to find out the four most common reasons why couples ended up with divorce, and learn how to avoid such situation, so as to keep the marriage from being broken.

Lack of Communication

As what I have mentioned from the start, it is often the lack of communication that causes a relationship to fail. If none of you are open to each other, then do not expect your relationship to last longer. It is very important that you and your partner should allot some of your time each day to talk about things, and of course, to discuss every aspect of your marriage life openly.

Personality Problems

Each person in this world is unique, for each of us has personalities that are totally different from one another. Therefore, it is understood that the person you married has a personality trait that is totally different from you, which you must learn to live with because that is how he is, and you can no longer change him into someone you want him to be. So before you ever decide to marry your partner, make sure that you get to know him well and ask yourself if you can handle the kind of personality he has.

Financial Problems

Every day, we would often hear stories of marriages and friendships that are falling apart due to problems concerning money. For couples, financial issues such as who will pay for the bills and debts, as well as the spending habits of one another could really jeopardize their married life. The best way to resolve these issues is to have an open communication with your partner so you will be able to help each other in resolving issues concerning money, instead of fighting about it.

Intimacy Problems

They say that intimacy or sex life is an important aspect of marriage, which is also another reason why it is one of the most common marriage problems. Every marriage requires the couple to be more intimate with each other by means of sexual intercourse, because failure to consummate such sexual needs could lead to the downfall of marriage. Therefore, you must learn to be sensitive with your partner's sexual needs in order to save your marriage from falling apart.

Now that you knew the four most common relationship problems that cause a marriage to fail, it's about time that you look for ways on how you could avoid such things and resolve whatever issues you have with your partner. Remember, these are only four of the hundreds of problems that a married couple are bound to face within their married life. So make sure that you are ready to face whatever issues you will be faced within the future, if you want your marriage life to end up a success.

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