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A Dedication To Them

My Parents Taught Me What I Know Today!

It was long ago my parents met while Ice skating. My mom fell and my dad went to help her get up from the cold Ice! From then on it was a love story of great proportions! Six months later they married, and then I was born into their world. When I was born my dad was the best man at his brother's wedding and my mom was in the hospital. At the wedding, everyone congratulated my dad. He told them he had a baby girl and his wife was at the hospital. When the wedding was over he went home and went to sleep.

The next day he went to see his wife and his newborn baby. My dad was overjoyed that he was a new dad! My mom named me after her and the name was very pretty. My parents loved each other very much. My dad worked very hard to earn money to get home. They bought land next door to my granddad's home. My dad had two jobs now his regular job and getting the new home build. I remember moving into my parent's new home. I was seven years old and my sis just two years old. The home was small. but it was our family home!

Three years later my mom had her third girl. Mom took on sewing jobs to make extra money. She was a homemaker and a great one too! When I was about ten years old my aunt had the four H club. I learned many things in the club that other girls my age did not know. I learned to sew. knit. cook. bake, can vegetables. and more. I liked doing all these things I learned to do! Every week we went shopping at Bamksville, we came home with bushels of produce and vegetables. The next day my mom would ask me if I wanted to help her can? I helped her and we enjoyed each other's company, We would get the canning all done and she would put them on a shelf downstairs.

My mom was an experienced seamstress. She taught me everything about sewing. I would sew my own clothes and like doing it. If I had a question about sewing she would answer it. I also liked to knit she was a great knitter and she also taught me how to knit. I knitted sweaters and many things. I also learned how to cook, and bake. I was very good at school with Home Economics, I had gotten all A's thanks to my mom and being in the Four H Club! At one time I also was in the Girls Scouts and I liked being in it too.

I was growing up fast and before you knew it I was going to Junior High School! It was my best years I liked going to Junior High. I went to all the school dances with my boyfriend. He and I danced great together and practiced a lot. We were the best dancers at the school dances! My mom would buy me nice dresses to go to the dance. One of the dresses she bought for me I loved it. The dress was silver and the material was shinning. I loved to dress up and go to the dances. I also loved to sew some of the nice dresses.

Many times I went with my cousin rolling skating. I would wear a cute outfit my skirt was short and lined with light blue material. I liked going we had a lot of fun roller skating. I was having a lot of fun doing things I loved to do! I could not be happier but then something bad happened. I went from being a teenager to being an adult at thirteen! I was fully matured at the age of thirteen. My sister got sick and was in the hospital. My younger sister was six years old, I had to babysit my youngest sister because mom was at the hospital. I also did the dishes, laundry, and other chores that needed to be done. It was a terrible time in my parent's life and my life too! The outcome was good my sister got better and was finally home.

I went on with my life, I was driving, I was going to High School, and I had a new boyfriend. My mom was glad that things were going well for me. I also was working part-time as a cashier at a grocery store. I went thru High School and graduated. I married my first husband at an early age. I had my first baby when I was only twenty years old. Then I had my second baby two years later! My children are two years and five days apart. My children are both girls and are married to nice Alaskan men.

One day when my children were five and three years old I was in the hospital for six weeks. I was in traction because of my back and had an operation. My mom and mother-in-law babysit my children while I was in the hospital. When my mom babysits my girls I had no worries. I fully trusted my mom and mom loved to take care of her first two grandchildren. Mom loved children and if she did not have a miscarriage she would have had more children. After that she could no longer have children. She was also a great grandmom and my dad a great-grandpa.

I and my husband saved money for our first home. It was a-two family home the upstairs was remodeled but not the downstairs. We remodeled the downstairs apartment. We rented the upstairs apartment and lived downstairs. Time passed by and we were not getting ahead money-wise. My husband's mother went to Alaska, she showed us pictures. She made several visits to Alaska to see relatives there. One day I and my husband talked and decided to go to Alaska and check it out. I made plans to go to Alaska. My parents did not want us to go but we did anyway!

When we arrived at Alaska my husband was all excited! I knew right then we would move to Alaska, and so we did. we moved to Alaska 1978 and I lived in Alaska ever since! Alaska has grown some over the years and the town where I live has been growing the most. I am a long time Alaskan and I love to camp and fish. My family is here and we all are Alaskans at heart.

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