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My Cyberbully Is At It Again — Stalking My Medium Account

When will it end?

By Chrissie Marie MasseyPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
My Cyberbully Is At It Again — Stalking My Medium Account
Photo by Elisa Ventur on Unsplash

My cyberbully is back to stalking me online after a few months break. I shouldn’t be shocked, but I cannot help but wonder why.

For background, my ex-husband (divorced eight years ago) and his now ex-wife spent three years stalking, harassing, and making my life a living hell. Every time I post anything, they would message me to harass me about it.

Two years ago, his (then) wife took me to court, claiming my articles about them were harassment. The judge told us that I was allowed to write about my life as long as I didn’t name them. And even if I did, they’d have to prove my allegations were untrue for it to be a crime.

My ex and his wife divorced last year. Even though they divorced, she never went away. She remarried but allowed my ex to live with her and her new husband for several months. Eventually, she told him to leave.

Three months later, she’s back to trying to get my ex to return to her. With that comes more stalking… Great! Will this unhinged woman ever get a clue and stop harassing me? I am not a risk to her relationship with him. I don’t want him. Heck, I wished he would disappear from my life for good.

Conversation With My Ex Got Toxic Quick

My ex messaged me on Facebook yesterday. It’s his only way of communicating as he’s unemployed and homeless, supposedly. The conversation starts friendly. Then, he questions if I believe our son’s (age 21) claim that he sent him $400 last year.

I told him I wasn’t sure what the truth was, but our son had screenshots, so he was probably telling the truth. My ex blew up! He claimed that screenshots can be faked (true) and accused me of pretending to be him to get money from our kid.

At this point, I’m getting frustrated. I asked him why I would create a fake number, pretend to be him, and then have our son send me money to his cash app tag. It makes no sense.

My ex lost it. He accused me of being rude to him. He said that my former boyfriend’s death was my fault. Phillip had a fatal asthma attack and died while waiting for EMS. He knows this is a sensitive subject, so he often brings it up in arguments.

I instructed him to keep it civil, or I would block him. He continues, saying the kids (ages 12,14, & 15) hate him now. I suppose he believes that’s my fault. It couldn’t possibly be that he got arrested for a domestic violence felony, something that thrust them into the foster care system for eight long months. It couldn’t be that he rarely sees or tries to communicate with them. In his eyes, it’s my fault — the big villain!

He continues attacking me. I’m “stupid, an idiot, a loser, selfish, and toxic.” I kept telling him to refrain from name-calling, but he continued. It was then he said to me that his ex-wife shared my last article about them in December, admitting she’s still stalking me.

What’s It Going To Take For Her To Kick Rocks?

I have proven I am not a threat to her. I do not want this homeless man. If I did, he would come back in a NY minute. I don’t. I didn’t even want him when I had him. I tried for five years before our divorce to get rid of him.

He wouldn’t go — he’s a leech!

From what I understand, she’s still married. He claims he doesn’t want her because he doesn’t trust her. He points out that she’s “crazy.” However, he thinks because I know she’s unstable, I should refrain from speaking about their harassment.

Hard pass!!

If you harass me and continue to stalk me, I will put you on blast. I will continue to write about my story, which is part of it.

By Jin Yeong Kim on Unsplash

My Plan For Dealing With This Pest

I will do nothing. I will continue to share my story. I will not allow them to silence me again. Two years ago, I allowed it. I even deleted my Medium profile, which had 5K followers and 22 referred members, and made $1500–2000 monthly.

I spent too many hours worrying about this unhinged woman. Can you believe I have never met this woman, yet she continues to harass me in every way she can? I have cried too many hours over the mean and spiteful things my ex says. I refuse to let them win. This is my page. I will share my story.

I will not name them. I will speak the truth (as far as I can see it). I will not prevent him from seeing his children, but only if they want to see him. That’s the best I can do.

Have you ever dealt with a persistent cyberbully? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments section below. Remember to follow me to read more of my content.


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