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My Asian Grandma's Take on Pride Month with her Curious Questions

A Light-hearted and Loving Exploration into a Grandmother’s Curiosity about Pride Month

By Nathan ChenPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
My Asian Grandma's Take on Pride Month with her Curious Questions
Photo by Seshadri Sarkar on Unsplash

Just like a fine wine, Asian grandmothers come with a blend of rich experiences, timeless traditions, and, quite often, a dash of pure, unfiltered hilarity. There's something incredibly endearing about their frankness, especially when it’s coupled with the genuine curiosity that transcends generations and cultural norms.

My own grandma is a perfect example. She’s a robust matriarch with a feisty spirit, traditional values, and an unexpected thirst for knowledge. When Pride Month rolled around, her questions were just as colorful as the rainbow flags adorning our neighborhood. At first, her questions left me chuckling and slightly embarrassed, but I quickly realized what a wonderful opportunity this was to enlighten her about the LGBTQ+ community.

So, here are the seven questions my Asian grandmother asked about Pride Month, interspersed with laughter, learning, and a whole lot of love.

1. "Why is it a whole month? Don’t you get tired of celebrating?"

Asian grandmothers are known for their pragmatism, and mine is no exception. She wondered why we needed a whole month to celebrate Pride and if we ever got tired of the constant merry-making.

I explained to her that Pride Month is about much more than parties and parades. It's a time to remember the struggles and sacrifices made by those in the LGBTQ+ community and to continue pushing for equal rights and acceptance. The celebrating part, I told her, is to embrace the joy of being true to one's identity and to spread love and solidarity.

Her response? "Well, that sounds like a good enough reason to have a party every day! Count me in."

2. "Why are there so many letters in LGBTQ+? I can't keep up!"

Oh, Grandma. She always likes to keep things straightforward. The alphabet soup of LGBTQ+ initially threw her off.

I explained that each letter represents a different part of the community - Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender people, and Queer or Questioning individuals. The plus sign represents other sexual orientations and gender identities not included in the acronym. It took a few tries (and a lot of chuckles) for her to get it right, but her determination was endearing.

3. "Why all the rainbows? Aren’t there other beautiful things in the world?"

Asian grandparents love their metaphors and symbols, and my grandmother is no exception. She was curious about why we chose the rainbow as the symbol for Pride.

I explained that the rainbow flag is a symbol of diversity and inclusion, much like a real rainbow that comprises various colors. Each color represents a different aspect of life and love. She nodded in understanding, then promptly declared that if she were to choose a symbol, it would definitely involve dumplings.

4. "Will you have to change your outfit every day to match the colors of the rainbow?"

This question had me laughing so hard I nearly spilled my tea. My grandmother seemed to think that celebrating Pride Month required a costume change to match the colors of the rainbow flag each day.

I reassured her that while some people might enjoy dressing up for Pride events, there's no rule that we have to change our outfits every day. She seemed slightly disappointed by this and suggested that it would be a "fun fashion challenge."

By Mick De Paola on Unsplash

5. "Does this mean we'll have to cook rainbow-colored food?"

My grandmother, like many Asian matriarchs, expresses love through food. She was already planning how to incorporate all the colors of the rainbow into her cooking.

I chuckled and told her that while some people might enjoy making rainbow-themed food, it was not a requirement for celebrating Pride Month. However, I said, the idea of making our meals a bit more colorful sounded like a fun way to acknowledge the month. At this, her eyes lit up, and she started listing all the colorful vegetables she could use in her dishes, saying, "Well, then, we will have the most colorful dumplings in town!"

6. "What if it rains during the Pride parade? Does the parade get canceled?"

This question was born out of my grandmother's practical nature. She was genuinely concerned that a little rain might wash away all the fun of the Pride parade.

I told her that while weather conditions might affect the parade to some extent, the spirit of Pride can't be dampened by a bit of rain. Many Pride parades have continued in spite of the rain, and some people even dance in the rain, turning the situation into a celebration of resilience and unity. My grandma responded with a thoughtful nod, declaring, "A little rain never hurt anyone. In fact, it's a blessing."

7. "Are you happy during this Pride Month?"

This was the most touching question of all. My grandma, with a twinkle in her eye, simply wanted to know if I was happy during Pride Month.

I assured her that I was, indeed, very happy. It was a time for me to feel proud of who I am, to celebrate the progress we've made, and to strengthen our resolve for the challenges that lie ahead. Pride Month was not just about me; it was about our collective fight for love, acceptance, and equality. It was about being a part of something bigger than myself, and that, I told her, was a great source of happiness.

With a broad smile, she patted my hand, saying, "That's all I needed to hear, dear. Your happiness is my happiness."

Our intergenerational dialogues about Pride have been nothing short of heartwarming, enlightening, and hilariously entertaining. They reminded me that no matter how wide the generation gap, there's always room for understanding, acceptance, and a whole lot of love.

If your elders or anyone in your life have questions about Pride Month, don't shy away from these discussions. Embrace them. Because who knows, you might find yourself laughing over a rainbow-colored dumpling dinner, having a fashion brainstorming session, or even dancing in the rain during a parade, all the while bridging gaps and fostering love.

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