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Mother's Day Gift Baskets - Make Your Own

by Dani Gibbings McGaw 25 days ago in diy

Personal gifts from the heart

Mother's Day Gift Baskets - Make Your Own
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That special day for mom is coming and if you really want to surprise her this year, you can make Mother’s Day gift baskets that will show her how special she is to you. A gift that comes from the heart will always mean more than jewelry or flowers. Put together a gift basket full of goodies that will make her glow with pride.

Before you start making homemade Mother’s Day gift baskets you have to get your materials ready. It’s not as simple as throwing a bunch of things in a basket you know!

Find a Container for your Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Most people think of using a basket first – this makes sense. But what kind of basket? There are so many choices! You can find baskets in so many different shapes and styles.

Here are a few ideas for a basket to hold all of the Mother’s Day goodies that you find to put in it:

  • A straw hat that she can wear after it is emptied
  • A picnic basket that she can use
  • A small clothes hamper
  • A wicker magazine rack
  • A sturdy lined basket that she can use on her dresser or in the bathroom
  • A staircase basket that can be used when emptied

But don’t stop at baskets! You can get creative when choosing items to put your gifts in. In fact, your container for your homemade Mother’s Day Gift Basket can be part of her present. How about using a wooden box with a clock on it? Or a toiletry case if you’re giving her spa items? Or a DVD case if you’re giving her a movie themed gift basket? Get creative and see what other ideas you can come up with.

Wrap It Up

Once you’ve decided what you’re going to put the items in you need to decide how you are going to present it. You don’t want to just give her a basket full of stuff. Put some effort into it because she is worth it. Use quality wrapping foil on the outside so that it won’t rip and tear. Line your basket with pretty tissue paper. Tie it up with ribbons. Don’t let it look like you just threw some stuff together. Make gift baskets for Mother’s Day that look like a work of art!

What’s Inside?

Finally, you need to decide what to put it in. Try to stick to a theme. Think about what this special woman loves. Does she love spa goodies that she can use at home? Does she love to do her hair? Does she crave a girls night with some great movies?

With gift baskets, I always suggest that you have one or two bigger items and then lots of little ones. Make the bigger items the focal point and then surround it with fun little things that she likely wouldn’t buy for herself or that she buys but just can’t get enough of.

Here are a few ideas for themed, special Mother’s Day gift baskets:

  • The Spa Gift Basket – Start with a pretty wicker basket and something big. You might even want to make the main gift a gift certificate for a day at her favorite spa. If you choose a gift certificate, make sure to put it in a nice box that can be seen at the top. Then add things like loofahs, scrub mitts, lotions, bath and shower gel, bath beads, pumice stones, and other items that she can pamper herself with after she’s come home from the spa.
  • The Movie Gift Basket – Does your mom love to watch movies? What is her favorite kind of movie? A good main gift might be a trilogy set that she’s been dying to get or a brand new movie that just came out. If you really want to get extravagant, a new Blu-Ray DVD player might be in order! Fill the rest of it with other movies she might love, her favorite soda or drink, popcorn, chocolate, and other candy. Make sure she gets the night to spend with her friends watching movies while you and the rest of the household give them some time to themselves.
  • The Cook’s Gift Basket – This is one gift basket you’ll love too but only make this for Mom if she really loves cooking. Add a fancy cooking gadget that she’s had her eye on and loads of yummy cooking ingredients that she could have fun with like spices and seasonings. Make sure they are specialty items that she wouldn’t normally buy or that aren’t easy to find. You might want to add some smaller gadgets too.
  • The Golfer’s Gift Basket – If Mom loves to golf she’ll be impressed with this. You might start with a new club or some high end golf shoes. New golf balls are a great filler as are golf gloves, laces for shoes, a travel mug for golfers, golf shirts, and golf notebooks. If you really want to wow her get her a membership for the golf club she loves to go to.
  • The Reader’s Gift Basket – This one is so easy to put together. First ask if your mom is a paper book reader or a digital reader. If she’s a paper book reader all you have to do is get some books by her favorite authors. If she’s a digital reader (or thinking about becoming one), you could get her a new e-reader like a Kindle, and then pre-load it with new books by her favorite authors. Don’t forget the extras because part of reading is the relaxation aspect of it. A bottle of wine, some coffee or tea, some chocolate or other snack foods, or a maybe even a nice comfie throw blanket. These can all add to a great gift basket for Mother’s Day that she’ll love.

These are just a few ideas. You know Mom better than anyone else so think about the things that she really loves and shower her with gifts that she’ll appreciate. When you make Mother’s Day gift baskets yourself you can really impress her.

Dani Gibbings McGaw
Dani Gibbings McGaw
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