Mommy’s Journey

Grueling Hours

Mommy’s Journey

Two weeks, half a month, or fourteen days, however you want to see it, it doesn’t seem that long. Unless you are a mom. The last two weeks of your pregnancy journey are the longest days of your life. Your baby is ready at any time and all you are doing is waiting for them to come.

Sex, spicy food, walking until you are out of breath, and still no signs of labor. It is like the baby isn’t even trying. Even though it’s painful, you have sex to try to move things along, but end up sore. Spicy food is supposed to help and you cram it down your throat, suffer through heartburn, and still nothing. Finally, you walk and walk and walk and walk feeling pressure, your legs are swollen, your feet hurt, and now you’re out of breath.

After trying anything and everything you can think of, you think maybe the baby is ready. You get a little sign of labor, rush to the doctor, they say nothing has happened and they send you home. You feel like you are now against your baby. Fighting to get them out but nothing to show for it.

Labor, why are you so far away? Why are you taking your time? People remind you that the end is near, but it seems never ending. No one seems to understand how physically and emotionally drained you are. No one understands why you cry when your whole body is aching and you’ve been sleep deprived for weeks.

We know even when the baby comes we won’t sleep as much, but at least we will be waking up to do something more important than trying to pee with nothing coming out. Sitting on the toilet at two in the morning crying because you know you probably aren’t going back to sleep. Trying not to kill your significant other because they are peacefully in dreamland, yet here you are, staring at nothing in the dark while your baby moves around, jumping on your bladder.

Pregnancy is not beautiful; don’t tell me it is. What comes after pregnancy is the blessing, is worth it all. Would I do it again? Yes. Will I enjoy it? No. In the end, the good outweighs the bad. In the end it will be worth it all. Hang in there and enjoy your blessing.

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