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Miscarriages and pregnancy loss

by Lena Bailey about a year ago in grief

the truth

This topic is hard to talk about because it brings a lot of mix feelings for people. If hearing about miscarriages and other types of pregnancy loss then this post is not for you.

So what is miscarriage? It is when a pregnancy ends itself before 20 weeks but most will happen before week 12. About 10 to 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. That number may be higher because some women will have a miscarriage before she knew she was pregnant. Some women that didn't know they were pregnant but had a miscarriage may think they are just having a bad period. Sometimes a miscarriage will happen because the baby wasn't developing properly.

How can you tell that you had a miscarriage? One of the first signs is bleeding that goes from light to heavy. Some women may mistake part of the bleeding as a period. There will also be severe cramps, belly pain, worsening or severe back pain, and contractions. Women also experience weakness and weight loss. There will white/pink mucus and tissue that looks like blood clots coming from your vagina. You will also have fewer signs of pregnancy and possible fever.

So we do know some causes but just because one or multiple of the cause apply to you or occur during your pregnancy it doesn't mean that you will a miscarriage. Most miscarriages happen because the baby has some kind of issues like genetic issues. A lot of stress can also be bad for the baby or increase the risk. Medical issues and physical problems in the mother can increase your risk. Smoking, alcohol, and drugs cans also increase the risk. If you are 35 years old or have a weak cervix you may have a miscarriage. There are other risk factors, please do your research if you are pregnant or are thinking about becoming pregnant.

There are other ways to lose a pregnancy. One of those that are as well known as miscarriage is an ectopic pregnancy. What is an ectopic pregnancy? It's where the baby develops outside of the uterus. These pregnancies usually develops in the fallopian tubes. Ectopic pregnancies usually end because the baby can't be supported outside of the uterus. It can also be life threatening to the mom too.

A chemical pregnancy is a type of loss that happens early on. Doctors believe that this kind of loss happens due to chromosome issues. This means that there was something wrong with a baby. The only way that the woman would know she was pregnant when this happens is if she has taken a pregnancy test early.

A blighted ovum is a miscarriage where the baby doesn't develop but the gestational sac (the sac that holds the baby) continues to develop. The woman will continue to have symptoms. The pregnancy will either end by itself or a doctor will have to end it.

There is also stillbirth where the baby dies either before birth or during birth. Most of us have heard about this one or miscarriage. People believe that infection, placenta problems, birth defects, pregnancy complications, high blood pressure in the mother, umbilical cord issues, and maternal medical complications cause stillbirth.

There is really nothing we can do to prevent miscarriages or other pregnancy losses. Women need to just take care of themselves while they are pregnant. Women should also avoid stress or getting infection as much as possible. If you have had a pregnancy loss or miscarriage be kind to yourself and it is ok to feel your feelings.

I want to write about more women issues. I will try to be as delicate as possible when I write about issues.


Lena Bailey

Kinky, Bi, and maybe part mystic

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