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by Rhonda Davis Greene about a year ago in parents


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Anyone that is a care giver for a parent will feel my pain. I am staying with my mom, who is elderly. I understand now why I was never spoiled, I couldn't be...she is. She is so picky about everything. I love my mom dearly do not mis-understand me.

For instance, yesterday I was walking through the living-room, Mom is upset because she has spilled her pain pills all in the recliner. I will not venture to begin my frustration about the medication. I asked her "Mom, what is wrong?" She replies"I just spilled all my pills." So I said well I will shake the recliner down later, did you spill all of them or do you have this dose? She had held on to that dose, thank goodness. so as the day went by, I had some errands I needed to run. I was headed for the door and out of the corner of my eye, see mom (who is all of 90lb and with fractured and healing broken bones and a out of place elbow because she fell and refused the er due to covid 19) pulling or trying to pull on the recliner. I forgot all about the pill spill. I then yelled what are you doing? she of course replied I gonna get my pills. I said they will be there when i get back and to stop pulling on the recliner. she in turn brought it to my attention the cat will get them if she didn't get them now. I said mother are you insinuating the cat is a pill head? and will sneak underneath the recliner to eat every on of those pills? and how many times have you caught the cat stealing your spilled pills? she really had no response. other than yes the cat will go underneath the recliner. So as i walked out the door i said, when I get back if you have any bruises, ripped or torn body parts, or broken pieces i am taking directly to nursing home not the er!!! I did return after a very brief errand and did roll the recliner upside down and all around to shake out the pills that were dropped. I did not leave her in agony or worry. just to make sure we are clear I do not mentally abuse or physically abuse anyone over the age of 50 or under the age of 10. the rest is fair game.


Rhonda Davis Greene

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Rhonda Davis Greene
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