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Married Couple 101: 6 Ways to Keep the Passion Alive

by Judy Mae 5 years ago in married
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What Really Make or Breaks a Marriage

“Omg, why are they still so lovey dovey after so many years of marriage?!”

Not sure if you have similar thoughts towards some married couples before, but I certainly did. The thing is, we all know the importance of passion during our dating days. But it is still, if not more, applicable and necessary when one is married. Only if the fire is still kept alive and going strong in one’s marriage will the couple be able to last long.

Many people will think of sex when it comes to passion in a relationship. It might be true, but the bigger picture to see is that good sex is actually an outcome of a good relationship in marriage. So here’s some really fundamental 101’s on how to keep the passion going in a marriage.

No Cold Treatment

Do not give your partners cold treatment. The whole lets-see-who-gives-in-first creates a new fight by itself and makes us all forget why we are fighting in the first place. It breaks down the communication when it is most needed, and magnifies the emotional distance that the couple is already facing from the argument.

Mutual Understanding

Couples need to consciously give understanding to their partners. We all have different roles to play and different responsibilities in a relationship. On top of these, we all go through things and people at our respective workplace every day, resulting in different emotions when we come home. A simple phrase like, “Don’t worry, I am behind you on this,” makes the other party know that you have noticed what is going on and that you care.

Just remind yourself of that warm feeling you get when someone shows that they understand you. Now make sure you give that to the partner of your life.

Communication and Chat

When dating, we all make time to hang out together. Just us, talking about nothing and everything. But in a marriage, we often become occupied by the responsibilities and hassles of the day-to-day life. Learn to take some time every day, to sit down together for a chat or go for a walk together. You two choose to spend your lives together, don’t let life get in the way between you.


When you say goodbye, you hug each other. Hug each other tight and look into each other’s eyes. Do that every time if you say goodbye. Let the hug communicate what words are incapable of. Hugs are the best actions to warm up one’s heart and it is a gesture that reminds each other of the good things you share.

Triviality in Life

Do more small things for your partner. Pull the hair behind her ears, give him some pats on the back when he chokes, hold her hand when you cross roads, bring an extra towel for him when you work out… The big days are big days for a reason – they just don’t happen every day. It is the small things that will be filling out your days, so make it count.

Accept each other's flaws.

No one is freaking flawless. Well, except Beyonce. So unless you are Jay-Z, do not expect all habits, decisions, and behaviours of your partner to be up to your satisfaction. Because you know what, you have things that have gotten on their nerves before too. As long as it is not fundamental to the relationship – a.k.a he/she is not a compulsive liar, then just LET. IT. GO. You telling your partner that what she wore was not nice in front of all your friends would only embarrass her rather than make her remember your preferred fashion taste. Many times, we tend to forget about this and end up violating something fundamental for something that is actually so trivial.


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