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Marriage is good, look at the toilet to know

by David Preston about a month ago in married
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A home, the cleaner the toilet, the better the relationship between the couple.


When I was in my twenties, I didn't know where I read the saying that the cleaner the toilet in a home, the better the relationship between the couple.

I remembered this saying and paid attention to many of the families I visited.

I do not know if there is no basis for this theory, but one thing is true, the marriage is good family, the toilet will be very clean, if the marriage has gone wrong, their family toilet will also be dirty.

I have a classmate named Daqing, his wife is a distant relative of mine, so we have more dealings.

When their son was about one year old, I was invited to the house to eat fish, when Daqing ran his own hardware store, because just started, did not earn much money, and also borrowed a lot of money, life is very tight.

Their family rented a one-bedroom, the house is really small ah, two adults, plus a child in a walker, the living room is a little unable to turn around.

However, do not look at the house is small, but the home is well organized, a small decoration here, there a pot of flowers, a look is to spend a lot of thought.

I asked Daqing's wife, your children are the skin time, you clean up everywhere so neatly, how do you do it?

She laughed: Daqing loves cleanliness, the home is dirty and messy he can not stand, and then tired we have to pick up after sleeping, he sells goods every day inside and outside a person, so hard, I do not work, can do more is a little.

At that time, they really love each other, are thinking of each other, afraid of each other tired, rather than their own more work.

After dinner I used their bathroom, a washing machine and a sink took up most of the area, and the toilet was squeezed into a corner, so I had to turn sideways to get over.

The toilet was polished and shiny, and there was no dirt inside or outside.


Many years have passed, Daqing's son is in high school, their hardware store has become a hardware company, the house has been replaced by a large flat of more than two hundred square meters, we are busy, although there is contact, but have not gathered for a long time.

Last year, I had something to go to them, in advance and Daqing daughter-in-law said on the phone that they wanted to have a meal at their home, to find the old feeling.

When I arrived at their home, the house is really spacious, the living room can play badminton, a water of high-end furniture, looks magnificent.

Daqing daughter-in-law showed me their new home, I saw a lot of places have ash, not only frowned, the luxury bathroom is not much smaller than the room, but also stunned me, the paper basket in a mess, the basin has some broken hair, the toilet is stained, a look at a long time not brushed. Both of them love cleanliness, how can they allow their home to be so dirty?

When I came to the living room, I asked: When the house was dirty in the past, Daqing would rather not sleep than clean it, but now why did he stop?

Daqing's wife blurted out: He doesn't care about the house!

After saying this we both froze, she saw that it could not be concealed, simply said it all.

It turns out that Daqing has earned a lot of money over the years, people have become a little floating, not only a very extravagant life, but also cheating, his wife and he had to get a divorce, Daqing daughter-in-law think they have accompanied him through so many hard days, to have a good life now, why give others to vacate the land? Of course, Daqing also do not want to really away, after all, so many years of married couples, away to let relatives and friends of the spittle drowned.

The two of them so seem to live together, although not bad money, but poor love, home into what kind of chaos and do not care, at most really can not stand to see, find a bellhop to clean up under.

I do not know what to say, the money is there, but love is gone, the days are hard.


I also know a young couple, the girl's mother's family and my family is a neighbor, her parents opened a small vegetable garden, always every now and then to send me some vegetables. Their family is this one daughter, her mother often nagged her about it.

The couple is high school classmates, but also each other's first love, the feelings are very good, after graduating from college can not wait to get married.

It is said that there is such a foundation of feelings, their days should be very happy and happy, but, not half a year after the marriage, the two people want a divorce.

The reason is that these two people are only child, who do not want to do housework, the two quarrel over this matter all day.

The girl's mother said she sometimes went over to her daughter's house to clean up, quite a good house, things thrown everywhere, shoes this one that one, the kitchen sink is always soaked without washing the bowl, the most disgusting is their home bathroom, who are unwilling to brush, full of dirt and stains, I really do not know how these two people's days are spent?

Sanso said: love, if not implemented to dress, eat, count money, sleep in these real life, is not easy to last forever.

This is true, the young couple is like this, always thought that love is to love each other, flowers before the moon, but do not know that there is cleaning and toilet brush.

The good thing is that the girl's mother and mother-in-law are not confused, know their children's shortcomings, they reasoned and moved to tell them that they have a family, can no longer be like before marriage, the oil bottle fell without help, so that and who can not live long, two people have to work together to build a small family, home is called a home.

In fact, those two people who do not want to really leave, just do not yet know how to run a marriage, the two people realize that they are wrong and began to change themselves.

The girl's mother several times and I exaggerated that the young couple now lovely clean up the house, the floor every day wipe like a mirror surface, the toilet brush than the new bought are bright, this is like the way to live a life.

Yes, the toilet is the dirtiest place in a home, only with the love of the home, are willing to grovel to clean over and over again.


In the TV series "Thirty Only", Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu at the beginning, the things at home are never put in a mess, every time Zhong Xiaoqin changed her shoes to go to work, Chen Yu will put it by hand.

After Zhong Xiaoqin's pregnancy, Chen Yu also installed a small voice-activated light, so that when you go to the toilet in the middle of the night, you won't bump into it.

Although the scriptwriter did not deliberately describe their home, but through the little bits and pieces, you can see the warmth and neatness of the home.

Later, they divorced, Zhong Xiaoqin moved away, Chen Yu work marriage two disappointments, the home became a dump, Zhong Xiaoqin back again, Chen Yu the whole person is very decrepit, long hair, beard pulling, the whole day to drink to drown their sorrows.

There is a classic line in this drama, once Chen Yu and Zhong Xiaoqin quarrel, Chen Yu said: marriage is not a safe haven?

Zhong Xiaoqin yelled: all want to take shelter, who will be the port ah?


Yes, marriage is a haven for us in this world, but only if two loving people can build it together.

Only when the hearts of two people are placed in this home, there will be the warmth of a porridge and a meal, and the cleanliness of a house and a thing.


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  • Denise Sheltonabout a month ago

    Was this written using AI?

  • Unknownabout a month ago


  • E. J. Strangeabout a month ago

    I love this idea a d thinking on it it seems true

  • Bianca Wilsonabout a month ago

    An interesting story, there was a moment in time where you lost me as it got harder to read, but still a fascinating tale. I think even as an unmarried person when I'm feeling miserable, I tend to become lazy, I think this remains true for most people. But when things are clean it eases the mind, making one feel less miserable in a way. To put in the effort and stay balanced is a huge challenge many will have to face. Will definitely be paying attention to the toilets of couples I visit now though hahaha... Thankfully my sister's and her husbands is okay. Wishing their happiness together lasts forever.

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