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Little Two

The young couple graduated from college and came to work in a seaside city to start their struggling career.

By BobbyPublished 9 months ago 6 min read
Little Two
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  The young couple graduated from college and came to work in a seaside city to start their struggling career.

  The man found a professional job, the salary is two thousand, the general engineering male is better to find a job. The woman is also studying engineering, but the job is not quite right, is a salesman, the salary is one thousand and a half, plus their commission, about two or three thousand dollars, good times there will be four or five thousand. Two people rented a room, a month of rent alone will have to be one thousand eight, in addition to lunch is solved in the company, breakfast and dinner are made by themselves. So a month down can not be left with any money, only enough to eat and drink.

  Two people are planning to work for a few years, and earn some money to get married. Three or five years is about right, but if you count on buying a house and a car, it's impossible. But the two did not think so much, just want to be able to live their own lives on the line. The man's parents do not interfere too much with the two, as long as the two can live a good life, and live happily on the line. The woman's parents want their daughter to be closer to them, so they can have care. The male heart is also clear about what is going on, so after graduation to the wife's home province to find work.

  In the university in love for more than three years, right, once you leave school, can live together every day, the heart can not mention how happy. The young couple also thinks about the future everywhere, can earn more to earn more, and can save a little, for future marriage for planning. At the beginning of the work, the wages are relatively low, usually eaten are not very good, when you go to work will often be the leadership of the training, but back home or happy, see their beloved people no longer feel tired, feel aggrieved.

  Male that factory work is more tired, wages are also lower, this is to see your length of service to eat. You a young man just came here, and only do the dirtiest and most tiring work, look at the face of others. But fortunately, he is a more tolerant person, as long as they have decided to do things, will certainly persevere to the end, and will not choose to give up because of a small setback. After almost half a year, the situation has improved a bit, the master who has been taking him to see his performance is good, to him above the leniency, the top also raised his job, do not have to do every day in the workshop, in the office to read the drawings, occasionally down the workshop to see on the line. Salary also raised, can get three thousand a month. He couldn't help but quietly breathe a sigh of relief.

  Usually home from work, nothing like writing something or other. Sometimes they will also feel good to write the manuscript to publish, to see if they can hit which editor's intention. This can also have a little extra income. Since last month's submission, one small article has been published. She was so happy to see that he had another income that she also had the idea of doing something else after work.

  She has been doing sales, work is very hard and tiring. Especially just graduated from college, often to run a business here and there, often too tired to eat, but the body is important, and had to eat. The work is very stressful, and sometimes encounter bad to talk to customers, often wearing out their mouths to talk to people, people also said this is not good and that is not good. Sometimes the performance is not good but also scolded by the boss. She often hides alone and cries, but does not want to let his dear see. She knew that if he saw her, he would not let her do this job, he was afraid that she would suffer.

  But after six months of hard work, her performance has improved significantly, the basic salary plus commission, the salary can reach about five thousand. He was very happy to see that his wife's salary was so high, and he often thought, "I have to work hard, my wife's salary is higher than yours. Usually, after work, she has no other hobbies, just like shopping, but because of the work, too tired, and often can not go. So she often shops online and can buy many very cheap things online. Usually, he wears clothes, shoes, and so on, is she plucked on the Internet, and her favorite various clothes, jewelry, and so on, are also bought online.

  Recently she is playing with the idea again and wants to get something or something to buy. The person she is talking to about business is in the clothing business. If you can buy goods from her, it should be cheaper. For this idea, he is also very much in favor, but told her not too tired, how much can earn is how much, do not to break their own body.

  Some time ago, he took that judicial exam to get the certificate. He intends to do a legal adviser or something on Saturdays and Sundays, to earn more money. He went out to look, and he found one. Usually do not have to go, as long as the need, to consult him on the line, a month can give him a thousand dollars, if you encounter any big things, money is counted separately. In this way, his monthly salary, plus the money to do legal counsel, and usually publish the article money, almost a month can also earn six or seven thousand it. So in front of his wife, it will not be too humiliating. After all, the wife a month, a light salary of five thousand, if she gets a small store online. He will not be able to catch up again, huh, but seeing two people like this at home and constantly working, the heart is very happy.

  Two people together, if you do not have to work, there is nothing else to do then. They will go to see a movie or go to the playground for a day, very good to relax. After almost four years of hard work, life has also become much better, both sides of the family see this, the heart is also very happy, and no longer will not say anything else.

  They are planning to get married, just next year. However, there are still many things to do, the marriage is not that simple. But everything is just in the plan and will not change because of anything. I remember when the young couple graduated, they said, we must persevere, no matter what difficulties we encounter, as long as we are together, everything will be solved, everything will become good. Yes, they did, although the process suffered a lot, everything has come through.

  Love can dissolve everything, love can make you steadfast, and love can make you full of strength. In ordinary life, it is this love that makes the world so beautiful and life so dynamic. Let's bless them, this loving couple, this united couple, this lovely little couple, may you always be happy, happy, and harmonious.


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