Leave Your Kids with a Sitter Without Worrying About Their Safety

by Sasha McGregor about a month ago in advice

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Leave Your Kids with a Sitter Without Worrying About Their Safety

Leaving your child alone with a babysitter can be very stressful, especially if it is your first time. Whether you are getting a sitter so you and your spouse can have a date night or because you have to get back to work, it is okay to be nervous about leaving them. So, you will more than likely need a babysitter at some point. When that time comes, here is how you should make sure your kid will be safe in someone else’s hands.

Find Someone Experienced

Most local babysitters are teenagers who are just looking to make some spare money. There is nothing wrong with hiring a teenager if you know them and feel super comfortable with them. If they have younger siblings, seem trustworthy, and you know their family, then they might be worth hiring. You shouldn’t hire someone who has absolutely no experience. They won’t know what it’s like to deal with temper tantrums, messes, or dirty diapers, and those can all be very overwhelming to someone who doesn’t know what they are like. So, spend some time researching babysitters in your area, find the one you feel comfortable with, and make sure that you meet with them ahead of time to make sure you are all on the same page.

Leave A List Of Numbers

Regardless of how far technology has come, there is nothing more useful than a handwritten list of numbers to call in case of an emergency. If your babysitter needs to contact you immediately and they’re panicking, they might not remember how they saved your name. To avoid this horrible situation, it is best to leave a list of numbers on the refrigerator or countertop that your babysitter can call in case of an emergency. You should include your number, a neighbor’s number, and poison control’s number.

Have A Home Security System

Having a home security system is important regardless of if you are hiring a babysitter or not. You want to feel safe in your own home and there is no better way to do that instead of installing cameras, monitors, and sensors. Home security cameras have changed the game for keeping your home safe. There is a wide variety to choose from, some can be super expensive while others are more affordable. You don’t need a camera in every room, but having a few strategically placed around your property can put your mind at ease.

Let Your Sitter Know Any And All Important Information

Is your child allergic to anything? Do they have to go to bed at a certain time? Do you not want them to watch certain television programs? These are all important things that you should tell your babysitter. You can’t expect your babysitter to know everything. They are just going to do what you tell them. So, if you have any strict rules, bedtimes, or allergies, you need to make sure your babysitter knows so they can enforce these rules as well.

Enjoy Having A Sitter With Stressing

Having a babysitter can make your life easier. Although, for many first time parents, it can bring a lot of unneeded anxiety and stress. It is okay to experience these feelings, but if you are careful about who you select to watch your child, everything will be just fine. Make sure that they know who to contact in case anything were to happen, and also make sure you have your home equipped to deter any potential threats. If you have a neighbor you trust, it wouldn’t hurt to tell them that you have a babysitter and would appreciate them keeping an eye on things.

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