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Just Run with It: How to Have an Elopement Wedding

And why are they becoming increasingly popular?

By Owen MarshallPublished 10 months ago 4 min read

Whether you are planning a small local wedding or going all-out to have your perfect destination wedding for just the two of you, an elopement could be the perfect plan for you.

Elopements are a way of marrying your loved one without needing to throw a large party for the event.

Instead, it can be an intimate event just for the two of you or a selected few welcomed guests. Even celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have ran with the appeal of elopements.

Here, we will explore why an elopement wedding can be appealing as well as ways to start planning your own elopement.

Why are elopements so popular?

As of 2019, more than 3,000 eloped to Gretna Green to start their marriage and with the benefits it can have, it is no wonder that more and more people are considering an elopement over a traditional wedding ceremony. In fact, 62% of millennials consider eloping for their wedding.

This could be for many reasons. One reason to elope is to help save money. With the current cost-of-living crisis it is no wonder people are wanting to cut back on their expenses, even for their big day. A traditional wedding costs approximately £18,400, whereas an elopement costs on average £13,220.

Elopements can also be great for couples looking to celebrate alone, without the interference of family or friends on the big day itself or for those looking to spend their time in a specific location which might otherwise be expensive to transport a whole cohort of loved ones to.

Weddings can be one of the most stressful events to plan in your lifetime, with 59.28% saying that they felt overwhelmed when planning their wedding.

An elopement can take some of that stress away as you no longer need to consider planning meals, seating, and entertainment for large numbers of people and instead you can focus on the important part – you and your partner.

How to plan an elopement wedding

Choose a venue

When planning your elopement, the venue is crucial. With few family and friends, or even none at all, your venue can be anywhere. Making sure it is a special location for you and your significant other is key for having a wedding to remember.

And the venue doesn’t have to be a small one, you can even have a wedding in a castle if you wanted a bit of magic and royalty for the big day. Just because you plan on having few people there doesn’t mean you have to miss the majesty of your wedding day.

In fact, your venue becomes a larger part of the event. You can stay local and have an experience simply for you and a few witnesses or you can elope abroad and enjoy what new shores have to offer for you and your partner.

Decide who you want to invite

A large part when planning your elopement is considering who you want to invite, or not. Your elopement doesn’t have to be entirely a secret, and you can invite a few of your loved ones along for the day. Whether you are wanting your siblings, parents, or closest friends to witness the union, it is up to you.

And if you do want to keep it private, you don’t have to invite your loved ones at all. In fact, all you need are two witnesses to sign the register with you – which some venues might provide onsite, meaning that you can have an event free from anyone you know and dedicate the time to simply you and your partner.

Discover a package best for you

Depending on your venue, you might be able to get the full elopement package. This includes everything from a cake to a wedding photographer on the day, making your elopement and choices as easy as possible for the big day.

However, you might want more creative control over your wedding or simply to not have anything beyond the initial ceremony, instead opting to jet off to your honeymoon straight after. Finding the right package for you can help ease the stress of the day.

And mostly, remember to enjoy the day. Your wedding should be about you and your loved one and your union. It isn’t about your family, friends, gifts, or a large ceremony. Stripping it back to simply you and your partner can allow you the freedom to have it exactly as you want it, focused on your love, and let you enjoy the beginning of your marriage in the best way – together.


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