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In this life, a wife is enough

by jenkinssb38 huionasertu 3 months ago in married / book reviews
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life and wife

In this life, a wife is enough
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In this life, a wife is enough

It's true that there are misfortunes in heaven and fortune in man. My wife was about to go to the hospital when she heard that her left foot was hurt. She told her that she was going to the hospital for the next three days. She was in a hurry. I hurriedly asked the leader for leave and took a taxi to the central hospital.

In the corridor waiting for filming, I saw my wife and son. Looking at my wife's swollen instep like steamed bread, I was so distressed. The wife saw my sadness and said, minor injury, just take some anti-inflammatory and blood activating drugs. I said that the foot is the foundation of the site. We should never underestimate it and listen to the doctor.

Take a film, wait for a film, consult.

The doctor said that he had injured three fingers, maybe four fingers, of his left foot. It is suggested to transfer to the high tech orthopaedic hospital for treatment. The wife is used to frugality and is afraid of spending money, so she tells the doctor whether she can prescribe some medicine for treatment at home? Looking at my wife's instep becoming more and more swollen, I said to my son, "call a car and transfer to another hospital."

In the orthopedic hospital, we pushed our wife upstairs and downstairs for various examinations. The final result was that four fingers of our left foot were fractured, and the thumb was the most serious, which needed surgical treatment.

The wife asked the attending doctor, how much does the treatment cost? The doctor said at least 30000 yuan. Her eyebrows wrinkled into a lump. I said, you love money, my son and I love you, as long as you are good, everything will be fine. The wife was happy. Unexpectedly, with this smile, her left foot covered with the ice bag also moved. She grinned with pain, and her son quickly straightened the ice bag.

Chinese women, from wife to mother, from mother to mother-in-law, have a busy life and selfless dedication to their husbands, children and families. This is the greatness of Chinese women, and my wife is no exception. His wife is a retired employee of the supply and marketing cooperative. When she was in the supply and marketing cooperative, she was an excellent salesperson and was commended and rewarded by the supply and Marketing Cooperative of Hanbin District for many times. After the dissolution of the cooperative, she contracted a sales department and worked day and night.

She didn't get off work until 10 p.m. and got up in the middle of the night to buy goods in the city dozens of kilometers away. At that time, my son and I were still asleep. In the words of their wives, they look like refugees from a distance and beggars from a distance. My wife has paid too much for this family. It's my blessing to have such a wife.

The moment I pushed her into the operating room, I clenched her hand and said, "I'm not afraid. I'll take a nap." The wife nodded.

Boil bone soup, deliver rice, carry water, pour urinal... In the evening, I lay down beside my wife's hospital bed to accompany her. My wife insisted that I squeeze with her to have a rest. I didn't agree for fear of hitting her injured foot. Finally, my wife got angry, so I had to go to bed and lie on my side. In a daze, I was awakened by the thin sound. When I opened my eyes, it was my wife who was covering me with a quilt. Her feet hurt when she moved.

Under the weak light, I saw her inhale in pain.

My eyes moistened when I saw this scene. In this life, having a wife is enough!

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