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In The Distance

by Kathryn Stephens 4 months ago in grief · updated 4 months ago

In The Distance

In The Distance

Where do you go from here? How does a child become so lost in thought? Now he has your attention. What could be so wrong? I have hundreds of questions, but decide to watch him for a while. I need to know how I can help him. So with that, I watch. He must of stayed there an hour. A child’s journey in finding himself. That night as we had dinner, Chad talks of being alone. With family being all around him. But, that’s not the kind of alone he was talking about. I asked him if he felt alone and he replied, no. When we die we are all alone, is what he was thinking. We talked about heaven. He asked, does everyone have there own heaven? How do you mean? Is heaven what each person thinks it is. Is that the place they go to? You know what, I have never thought of that before. I think of living in my higher powers house with family that has pasted away. Chad wanted How do we know if they think of us, when there gone? I told him about my search for loved ones who had passed. In my search, I found a story of dragonflies. I was told of a beautiful saying that when a dragonfly was near, you have a visitor of someone who has passed away. They are checking on you. With that I told him the loved ones we have losts have not gone away, they fly beside you everyday. However, maybe your signs are different. It’s what you believe. With wide open eyes here comes a smile.

The next day Chad was playing in the yard, when a dragonfly appeared. He watched and watched. The next day, the same thing. Alone with, the next and the next. He decided to follow the dragonfly. He would take off and land over and over. He says to the dragonfly, where are you going? Again the dragonfly flies off. Running as hard as he can, to keep up. The time came for the dragonfly to rest and they both stopped. After resting a while it takes off again. Where are you going, he yelled. It was getting late and with sad eyes, he knew he had to get home.

Chad woke the next morning and ran to the yard, but the dragonfly was not there. He waited for days and still no dragonfly. After grabbing his bike, he goes to the place he last saw the dragonfly. Got off his bike and walked all around. There it was in the same spot where Chad had to leave him. All of a sudden the dragonfly takes off and Chad is right behind him. There’s a path and you can not see the end of it. That didn’t mattter, Chad followed it. A open field and in the distance, there’s a barn. The dragonfly flies in and he can’t see where he landed. Looking around everywhere, he found him. But he’s sitting on something. Walking over Chad tries to figure out what it was. An owl and he is walking very slowly over to it, because he didn’t want to scare him. There she sat with her baby who was hurt. The mother was not going to leave her baby and she had already searched the barn over for food. Without any words being said Chad runs to his bike and back down the path. Going as fast as he can he gets home and runs to his room to look up what owls eat. Back to the barn he goes with food and water. He gathered what he could find to make a bed for the baby owl.

Days go by and then they where gone. They flew away without saying goodbye. Not seeing the dragonfly in the distance Chad goes home. Chad told his mom of the barn yard owl and her baby. Smiling down on him she saw out of the corner of her eye a dragonfly. The dragonfly took Chad to the owl and the dragonfly brought Chad back home again. Without a word Chad looks up and says I had a visitor from heaven mom. We went on a journey and came back home again. Daddy knew the owls where in trouble so he came to me to help them. We are not without our loved ones who have passed away. It is true they fly beside us everyday. I love you daddy and please come see me again very soon.

**Thank you for your support and for your contribution, so I may grow in my writing skills. Your the best !!!


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Kathryn Stephens

I’m Kathryn Stephens, I live in a small town in Tennessee. Imagination, love and children can bring a world where dreams come true. Come with me on my journey to the places that we only dream of and places we never want to go. See you soon.

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