If You Have Lost Both Parents, Here Is an Article You’ll Relate To

by Jade Hall 2 years ago in grief

The Pain Is Real

If You Have Lost Both Parents, Here Is an Article You’ll Relate To

If you have lost both of your parents, you will understand the pain. The pain of feeling you heart ripped, the feeling of death inside yourself, and the pain of realizing you are physically breathing but are completely dead inside.

I lost both of my parents young, and it’s especially difficult when they are your best friends. You walk around in public and swear you see their face. You hope and hope and hope when you call that phone, they pick up. You still talk about them like they’re still here. Pain is defined in many different levels. Physically and mentally, but in different aspects. Losing a loved one is painful, but there is a pain so deep, when it comes to losing a parent or a child. Your entire world stops. You realize the ones who gave life to you, are no longer around to see you grow up. My parents, will never see the face of their first grandchild, they will never get to see me walk down the aisle into the arms of the love of my life. They will never see me graduate high school, graduate college, and start my career. This pain is like no other. You catch yourself sometimes, barely breathing, holding on by a thread. Sometimes you wish you’d just stop breathing so the pain goes away. Every time you think about it, it rips your heart in a million pieces once again. When you cry, you feel as if your heart is about to give up. You hurt so much and try to understand why in the world such a thing could happen. Everyone loses their parent eventually, but you should NOT lose both before you're an adult. You need them to continue to help you grow up, to call for advice. To still be a daddy’s girl or a momma's boy. You feel as if the pain will never subside. Some days you never get out of bed, some days you feel as if you hurt so much, that you are just dying slowly of a heart break. Everything hurts. Physically and mentally. You never know which way to turn at this point because your parents aren’t there to guide you. This pain is all too surreal, and some days it gets you thinking, “Why be alive and hurt like this?” You ask yourself how it’s humanly possible for someone to go through this much pain. Everyone says, “it’ll get better with time.” Well, this never goes away. The pain never goes away. It calms, but never goes away. The pain will always be there.

Everyone would give anything, even their own life, to have their parents back. I, as well, would.

The heartbreak is all too real. You will never be whole again because the two people who created you, aren’t here to see how far that little person they created gets in life.

You are not alone. You are strong. You will hurt, you will get through it.

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