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I miss my Grandpa.

How i wish i could turn back time.

By WENNA WILLIEPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
I miss my Grandpa.
Photo by Komang Gita Krishna Murti on Unsplash

I wish I could travel back in time to see my grandpa again. My siblings and all my cousins called him “Yaya”. He was full of cool stories and wisdom that help me in life. Thinking about him makes me miss him a lot, especially when things get quiet.

My grandpa was a strong and kind man. He left us when I was still in elementary school, and ever since then, I've felt his absence in my heart. I really wish I could spend time with him again, hear his voice, and feel his comforting hand on my shoulder.

Wanting to time travel isn't just a silly idea. It's a strong wish to connect my past with my present. I'd love to go back to those times when we'd sit on the porch, and he'd tell me stories about when he was young. His stories of what he has been through, his struggles and taking me to a different time through his words.

When I'm alone in my room, I often close my eyes and imagine his face. The wrinkles when he smiled, his salt-and-pepper beard, his sweet chubby cheeks. Time has made those memories a bit fuzzy, but the love I feel for him is still strong as I am the eldest grandchild of all the grandchildren he has before he passed away.

If I could time travel, I'd pick a simple moment like a time when we could just laugh, when he sings to me, when he played his harmonica, and enjoy each other's company. Maybe it'd be a lazy Sunday with the smell of coffee and the sound of birds singing. I'd sit with him not as someone sad about losing him but as a friend enjoying the moment.

Time travel, for me, isn't about changing history. It's about cherishing special moments. I want to feel those feelings again. Now that I'm older, I really wish he could give me advice on love, relationships, how to deal with career and dealing with life's tough times.

There are so many things I never got to ask him, so much wisdom I missed out on. He was not even there when I got married in the church. I really wish I could sit with him under the old cherry tree, watching the world go by and hearing his thoughts.

His old things, like a faded photo is like magic portals for me. I try to connect with his memory through them, but they're just reminders of a time when he was alive and full of energy. In my daydreams, time travel is more about connecting with his spirit and reliving those moments.

In my time travel fantasy, there are no complicated rules. It's just about reuniting with someone I love. I imagine us walking in the garden he used to care for, surrounded by the smell of flowers and the sound of laughter. I'd tell him about my achievements, failures, and everything that happened after he left.

I can almost hear him listening, feeling proud and understanding. We'd share a cup of drink like we used to, holding those old cups, bridging the gap between generations with our family connection.

But well, time travel is just a dream, and real life moves in a straight line, ticking away on the clock. Even though I can't go back, my grandpa's legacy lives on. A guiding light in tough times, a symbol of enduring love. In those quiet moments, I carry his memory with me like a compass, helping me navigate through life with the knowledge that even though he's not physically here, his spirit is always with me, guiding me through the twists and turns of time.

I miss you Yaya.

-NWDT- 11.12.2023


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