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I Love You, Mom

by From the Mind of Nobody 3 months ago in immediate family
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Happy Mother's Day

In the second blog I ever wrote, I talked about how drastically different Father’s Day is perceived and celebrated compared to Mother’s Day. It was a funny little take on how Mother’s Day was the Super Bowl and Father’s Day was the Duke’s Mayo Bowl (which is an actual college bowl game). There have been seemingly endless number of commercials from jewelry stores, department stores and even day spas since April and with many states dropping mask and other COVID restrictions, restaurants and their parking lots will be overflowing with people giving their mothers a day out with a good meal.

Now don’t let the little jokes fool you. I am more than aware the importance of mothers as the cornerstone of the family. The role of motherhood is the very definition of multitasking, sacrifice and care that starts way before the job of fatherhood begins. Since I devoted some time to Father’s Day, it only seemed appropriate to take some time on Mother’s Day to talk about some of the moms in my life.

My Mom

I really did think my mom was a superhero at one point. My mom is an intelligent, mild mannered, proper lady with a smile that would force you to smile; but when needed she’ll put on her cape and fly to the rescue as a teacher, chef, doctor, being that person at your job who sells their kids school fundraiser candy, or one of the hundred other jobs she does for her children and grandkids. All done with the strength that can only be found from someone from the planet Krypton.

My Wife

The Yin to my Yang, the Eve to my Adam, the Lois Lane to my Clark Kent, the Harriette to my Carl Winslow, the Bonnie to my Clyde (alright I think the metaphors got away from me). She really is my better half. She’s my calming forces when I want to blow up. Her love and patience have made this journey through the autism spectrum easier to process, understand and live life. I could not have wished for a better partner to go through this journey and my son couldn’t have better mother.

My Sister

I've have always loved my sister but growing up she was more my arch nemesis (typical sibling rivalry). She was the Lex Luther to my Superman, the Joker to my Batman (stop it). Anyway, like my mother, she has the cutest baby face but, on the inside, she has the strength of ten men and an unwavering focus to better herself and her family. I am very proud to watch her grow up from my nemesis to my inspiration.

My Mother-in-Law

I miss my mother-in-law; may she rest in peace. She treated me like family from the first day I met her while I was dating the future Mrs. I miss her funny stories, her laugh, our conversations while I was driving her around, Sunday lunches, and our games of Aggravation (aka Sorry or Ludo). My favorite memory of her is when she visited her new grandson. He was fussy that day and my wife and I couldn’t calm him down. All she had to do was hold him and sing some gospel song to him, which calmed him down until he fell asleep.

So, for all you mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, aunties, and mother figures, go enjoy your jewelry, your new outfit, your flowers, your spa days, your lunch/dinner, or the extra hours of sleep; God know you deserve it.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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