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I'll See

by Michaela Calabrese 6 months ago in humanity

A Poem on Internet Bully Culture

I'll See
Photo by Umberto on Unsplash

Dear Internet Bullies;

I see you.



Thinking it’s all fake.

Thinking it won’t matter.

Thinking it’ll go unseen.

I see you.

Talking tough on the digital playground,

Chest puffed out,

Hiding behind a screen.

I see you.

Treating celebrities as Saint or Sinner,

Unblemished or Unclean,

No In-between.

I see you.

Calling this victim a clout-chaser,

This child problematic,

This robber a queen.

I see you.

Forgetting others can see too;

How you sneer and judge,

How you demean,

You’re going to see me, now.

Because it’s clear you need someone to make you see;

Why shouldn’t that person be me?

I’ve spoken to a few of you already;

Clearly children who spread online venom with glee

Since nobody bothered to tell you, I’m telling you now;

If I see you acting up, you’ll deal with me!

You’re not protected online.

If it’s typed, it’s not suddenly fine!

“Kill yourself!” Would you scream that while looking that person in the eye?

There’s nowhere to hide!

Karma isn’t on your side!

So many lives have been lost to online callousness!

Phoebe Prince, I saw her on the news, do you remember this?

Young girl, pushed over the edge by online hatred; it’s madness!

Do you really need a better excuse to just stop?

If I can’t stop you, who can? A victim’s parent? Perhaps a cop?

It should be common sense! Just be kind!

It boggles my mind!

One day, I think, you’ll read your hateful words and wish you could rewind

To a time before you poisoned a chatroom or bullied a stranger;

I hope you’ll be mature enough to understand, behind your actions was danger.

A girl years ago, on Youtube, if I recall,

Was torn apart by horrible words over a mistake

And lost it all.

No compassion was shown, just vitriol;

Then everyone acted shocked when their attacks took a brutal toll.

Take a step back! Walk around in someone else’s shoes!

You’re not going to win your petty little argument; you’ll only ever lose!

What’s the point?! Of insults, harassment, disdain?

Does it make you feel powerful to know that someone else is in pain?

The news loves to say it’s a cry for help.

That those who shoot poison darts online are in need themselves

I’ve felt the burn of keeping my emotions piled high on a shelf,

I’ve never screamed in all caps for someone else to “kill yourself!!”

If you need help, that’s fine! We all do!

Online stalking and bullying aren’t a symptom of mental illness, though;

That’s all you!

Fleetwood Mack says you’ll never break the chain!

Still, if you log on just to cause pain,

What is there to gain?

Do you think a word that’s not spoken isn’t sharp?

Can’t break a heart?

Can’t tear someone’s confidence or life apart?

Pixels can cut just as deeply as knives!

Sit and irritate and fester like incurable hives!

You’re not brave for your doxing or harassment!

Tell me, when did your morals get so bent?

Has your heart hardened like cured cement?

Those who push you to attack, do you think they care?

Oh yeah, I’m sure they wouldn’t turn on you! They wouldn’t dare!

Friends never betray each other! Sure, and life is always fair.

And if you don’t care, these words aren’t for you;

I know I won’t get through

To those who will only read what they want to.

But if you’re still young, listen to me;

I’ll do my best to make you see

There’s no such thing as bullying with impunity.

To the adults who encourage entitlement and cruelty;

One day you’ll see

What your child grows up to be

And I hope you think of me.

Because even if you’re blind to what they do online, just know

I’ll see.


Michaela Calabrese

Hello! My name is Michaela Calabrese. I've had a passion for writing since I was little; from research-heavy articles with citations galore to lighter introspections about abstract concepts (and some nerdier posts about my favorite fandoms)

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Michaela Calabrese
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