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How to make children grow up happy

Goodbye! Negative Comments

By Richard ShurwoodPublished about a year ago 3 min read
How to make children grow up happy
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For new parents, the most critical question arises: "What can I do to make my baby have all these qualities?" Some answers are obvious: accept your baby's personality completely and don't try to transform your baby according to your parents' wishes, for example, if he is a quiet baby, mom or dad should not try to turn him into an active baby. Parents should care about the baby's needs, pay attention to the baby's timidity, and listen attentively to what the baby says to them. Most importantly, make sure that your baby knows from an early age that his parents love him unconditionally.

These principles are very important, and the following list of specific suggestions can help parents find the right way to guide their baby to become a happy person in the future.

Suggestion 1

Family traditions mean that happiness "lasts"

The experts at Disney's Wonderful Home remind parenwhether it's having dinner together every day or celebrating a birthday or holiday together every year, there is nothing more valuable to a family than establishing family traditions. Chinese New Year dumplings and firecrackers, or birthday cakes and candles, are important because they give meaning to a child's life, strengthen the bond between family members, and teach children the meaning of "longevity.

Equally valuable are the small traditions that are unique to each family, such as family dinners out every weekend, watching a children's movie together at the end of each month, etc. These familiar and intimate traditions will give children a strong sense of security.

Suggestion 2

Singing birds are the happiest

It is often said that music can cultivate people's emotions, and it is true. In ancient times, Westerners believed that music could heal the wounds of one's body and mind. And in modern times, pediatric medical research has found that giving sick children their favorite songs can alleviate their painful symptoms. Adults have also experienced that listening to a good song can sometimes be invigorating and relaxing. And for a child, he will be happy whenever the whole family sings one of his favorite children's songs together.

Suggestion 3

Happiness can also be amplified

Active participation in social activities teaches children at least two things. For example, if parents actively participate in kindergarten sports with their children, or actively participate in their children's community play, their children will realize that their parents value them and this will greatly boost their self-confidence. The experts at Disney's Wonderful Home remind parents that parental involvement also teaches children the basic meaning of "community". It gives children a sense that they are part of a larger community, and that everyone can contribute to others through it. Expert research also shows that there is a strong correlation between giving and happiness. Even young children will discover the joy of giving when they participate in a community cleanup or visit the elderly in their community.

Suggestion 4

Goodbye! Negative comments

Adults often make comments about people and things, and there is no shortage of negative things. For example, parents comment that the director of their child's preschool is incompetent, or that the doctor at the children's hospital is sloppy, etc. Parents may not be aware of the impact these comments have on their children.

But the truth is that they can make children lose trust in people and the environment around them and thus lose their sense of security, and children who do not feel secure are not happy. Parents should let their children feel that the world is a good place and that people are essentially good people. Go for it!

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