How to Make a Treasure Hunt for Kids: The Ultimate Guide

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Awesome treasure hunt: How to create the ultimate treasure hunt for your kids

How to Make a Treasure Hunt for Kids: The Ultimate Guide
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Are your kids bored? That’s pretty much normal because the attention span of kids is usually 3 to 5 minutes. And that’s very short, don’t you think?

So, how can you make the little ones more active and escape the whirlwind of watching videos, cartoons or playing games on mobile phones? Do the toys they have at home arise interest in them? Or they need something new and exciting?

Well, it’s time to spice things up a little bit and start playing really fun games!

You probably know the saying that there aren’t bad kids but bad parents. And by bad parents, we refer to all those who won’t give a dime whenever their kid is playing video games hunched back and staring into the screens harming their eyes and posture.

To be a good parent you should inspire your kids and spur the adventure and creativity in them. Make them think, be physically healthy and also socialize by knowing how to play group games. All of this will get them to know the value of teamwork! In fact, purposeful games can make kids more intelligent by enhancing their problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

In this article, we’ll help you plan out a great treasure hunt game that will bring a lot of smiles, feeling of achievement and success and good, positive energy in your house! Read on to get more scavenger hunt ideas by following the essential steps of a good treasure hunt game.

1. Think of a Theme for the Treasure Hunt

Picking out a theme is the first step in the treasure hunt game. What is this game going to be about? Will you incorporate the never-ending theme of pirates and fairies as part of your treasure hunt, or base it on superheroes who are known for their superpowers and win? Setting up a theme for your treasure hunt will add up to the adventure and excitement of the game, giving a spark to the competitive spirit your kids already have.

You can choose a theme according to the props you already have at home to make it more real, or it can be connected to something your kids love. This way they can also play dress-up at the beginning of the treasure hunt and have more fun!

2. Where Will the Game Take Place?

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The actual place where you’ll play the treasure hunt can also help you in figuring out a theme for it. You can take these places into consideration: your home, your yard, at a birthday party, at the park or playground, at the beach, etc. However, make sure that this game is played indoors if the kids are younger than 8 years old, and for those older than 9 years, it can be played within a certain outdoors area.

3. Be Innovative and Make-Up Some Exciting Clues

Thinking of your clues is one of the steps that will take most of the time and energy. You should create clues that aren’t very difficult to figure out, and also aren’t easy as well. Your clues will lead the kids from one place to another, making the game even more intriguing!

The clues should be adapted to your kids’ age. If you have younger kids don’t make the clues too hard to understand because it’ll bring frustration in them and they’ll get stuck. For older kids increase the level of difficulty by making them think more and solve more complex riddles.

Brainstorm for some initial ideas and if you need help with the clues you can always get some online! You can even select the option to have clues that will be in accordance to your kids’ age. So, don’t disregard this option to save yourself some time and effort.

4. Prepare a Treasure for the Winner!

The treasure is the ultimate goal that your kids will get if they get all the clues right. You should prepare this surprise in private and make it a valuable prize for the winner of the treasure hunt. The treasure box can be filled with mini-toys, chocolate, candy or something that your kids like. It’s all up to you!

5. Plant Your Clues in Secret Places

Now it’s time to hide your kids in a room and put all of the clues you’ve come up with at certain places. Make sure that all those places where you put the clues are reachable by your kids and spread the clues at different places in your home or yard, wherever you’re playing. Don’t place the clues too close to each other because this is going to be very easy for your kids and it’ll ruin all the fun.

6. Set the Rules

Setting the rules is the final step before starting the game. You know how things are with kids - if you don’t tell them what the rules are, the game will probably turn into chaos from the very start. This is why you should think of what is going to happen if they get stuck on a rule, some emergency numbers they can say out loud for help, and what things are never allowed in a treasure hunt game.

In the end, remind them to be cooperative and work as a team. If it’s possible, invite your kids’ friends to play the game together with you. The more kids there is the more fun you’ll have. Divide them into teams and your job is done. Let the games begin and the best hunter wins. Happy hunting!

Final Words

We hope that this game will bring a lot of fun and excitement to all members of your family. This way you’ll probably figure out that age is just a number and both you and your kids will definitely enjoy playing treasure hunt. And who says that you should only play one round of it?

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