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How to be a Responsible Parent?

Guide for a Good Parenthood

By Fatima NawazPublished 4 months ago 7 min read

You are having a bad day in your office. You come home with an angry red face where you hear you are called by your kid’s principal tomorrow? What will you do?

Good parenting is not only difficult but is also one of the most critical jobs in the universe. As a parent, you must keep yourself behind your child’s back every time. At the same time, you need to give him some space. This will enable him to learn how to face the enormous world.

If you are a parent and want to be your child’s superhero, you need not worry. You are just at the right place.

We will provide you with some amazing tips on how to be a responsible parent? You will also learn which things you should avoid while dealing with your child. So, let’s have a look.

Things to do as a responsible parent

1. Set clear boundaries for your kid

Discipline is the key to a better personality. A disciplined home will let your kids learn self-control. They will be able to recognize what is right and what is wrong.

Kids are very much keen to explore the world. In such curiosity, they sometimes may try to cross the rules. As a parent, you need to be clear and consistent about the rules. Some of the basic things that need to be forbidden include:

• Name-calling

• Using abusive language

• Telling a lie

• Hitting

These rules are also followed by punishments if not abided. These include ‘time out’, ‘no TV’, or ‘no pocket money’.

2. Spare some time for them

Kids are new to the world. Every day, they observe lots of things which click many questions to their mind. In order to answer them in a righteous manner, they need their parents.

You need to have some time daily with your kid. You can listen to what they did at school, what they feel about their friends and teachers, what they eat etc.

Their daily routine will let you know in what type of company they are sitting. Moreover, you will also be knowing what your child is adapting at school, what is good and what needs to be modified.

3. Communicate well

Communication is the key to a solution. Your child is not aware of societal morals and values. So, it is your responsibility to communicate with them, listen to what they feel, and guide them accordingly.

4. Differentiate between protecting and over-protecting

As a parent, you need to keep an eye on your child. Whether it is learning to ride a bike or walk, you should hold his arm and stand by his back to support him. Negligence in these cases can lead to injury.

But there should always be a limit. After initial learning, you need to let him practice walking or riding a bike on his own. If you keep picking him up every time he falls, he will never be able to live independently.

5. Encourage more, criticize less

Children go out of their homes, interact with others, and learn different things. In this process of growth and development, they sometimes make mistakes.

It is the duty of the guardian to recognize that mistake and guide the kid for correction. Guidance can better be provided by love and care rather than criticism.

Criticism can initiate rebellionistic behavior.

6. Teach them with actions, not words

It is said that parents are the primary teachers. Toddlers learn what they see. It is good to teach your little one with actions. These will be much more effective than just words.

For instance, for a better personality of your kid, you yourself need to behave well. Behaviors such as speaking the truth, talking politely, and spreading love and care will let him adopt the same habits.

7. Stay connected as a couple

A person’s behavior with his friends and family is a mirror of this parent’s relationship. He will adapt to what he sees at his home. Parent’s relationship should be filled with love and care for the partner.

A friendly home environment will develop child’s brain in a lively manner. He will be more confident. He will care for his loved ones and will form a healthy family in the future.

8. Let them make their decisions

Although a child needs to be guided at every point in life, there comes a point where he needs to make his own decisions. The parent’s interruption in those matters may sometimes leave him alone.

Over interruption also makes the child more dependent on others. He then is unable to make decisions by himself.

9. Maintain a healthy family size

It is always said that quality should be better than quantity. Parents need to plan a healthy family in which they can provide adequate facilities, time, and love to their children.

It is the duty of a parent to fulfill all the basic needs and rights of their kids. This can be possible if your family size will be comparable to your capital size.

10. Support your child

Young individuals are very much passionate and determined. Once they are grown up, they have a totally different outlook towards the world than their parents.

In such a scenario, you as a parent, need to listen to and support your child’s opinion and don’t stop him from speaking up. This will build up trust between you and your love.

11. Treat them with respect, ask for respect in return

The road to love starts with respect. It is also known that “Give respect and have respect”. Your respect for your child and his thoughts will be a route to his heart. He will in return respect and ultimately love you solely.

12. Meet your own personal and emotional needs

Above all, it is also important to take care of your health and emotions. Even after great love and care, if your child is not respecting your opinion or is misbehaving, let him do what he wants.

No matter how much you love him, respect is necessary and cannot be ignored.

Things not to do as a responsible parent

1. Avoid harsh rules and regulations

Children are addicted to love. Unnecessary restrictions and harsh attitude can lose their confidence. They will not be able to stand up against the world. It will also make them a rebel.

So, you need to mold your child’s personality with love.

2. Avoid hiding their bad deeds

If the child is not getting rid of bad deeds, you need to strictly warn him. You do not need to hide his habits. It will further boast them up.

You can scold him, even give him punishments. Just be clear about the rules. No allowance should be given in these conditions.

3. Don’t compare your kids to others

Every child has its own level of understanding. If your child is not good at studies, you need not criticize him and compare him with other children. This will lose his confidence.

You need to support him and help him explore his talent.

4. Don’t stop their kids from speaking up their opinions

A child’s brain consists of a storm of thoughts. He needs someone with whom he can share his views. You as a parent, spare some time to listen to him. His thoughts and emotions should be meant for you.

This will help him conclude his thoughts to a solution. This will also cheer him up to take risks and rule the world.


A father and a daughter, a mother and a son, are blood relations. These can only flourish through love, care, trust, and affection. Parents should be the best friend of their kids. This relation of friendship is the basic law behind the peace and progress of society.

In short, children are those pieces of heart to which you love and rule the most. Let’s make this relationship the strongest in the world through your struggle for love and respect. Best wishes for you and your hearts.




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